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Attractions in Gramado, Brazil: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Gramado, Brazil

In Gramado, you'll discover a variety of incredible attractions, ranging from creative theme parks to breathtaking natural beauty. There are so many things to experience for adults and kids alike. All of the attractions in this beautiful Brazilian destination have a European touch; around the Lago Negro (Black Lake) there's even a forest planted with seeds originally from Germany's Black Forest.

In Gramado's surrounding areas, you can experience incredible sites like Parque do Caracol (Park of the Snail), which has a picture-perfect waterfall typical of those in the Serra Gaucha mountain range, but located in Canela. Another natural attraction near Gramado is the amazing Canion do Itaimbezinho (Itaimbezinho Canyon), considered the most important canyon in South America.You can also visit several wine houses in the region, one of the largest wine producing areas in Brazil.


Attractions in Gramado, Brazil

In Gramado, there are two lakes providing an oasis of peace and tranquility. In these spots, you can enjoy a relaxing walk followed by a beer or coffee on the terrace of several lakeside bars and restaurants, the ideal place to enjoy the incomparable natural beauty of the lakes. At both Joaquina Rita Bier Lake and the Lago Negro (Black Lake), you can enjoy charming European-inspired surroundings.



Mini Mundo

Attractions in Gramado, Brazil

This unique attraction is a miniature city where kids can enjoy windmills, transportation, churches, lakes, traditional houses and even castles. Kids will love Mini Mundo, filled with fantasy and beautiful detail.




Parque Knorr, Aldeia do Papa Papai Noel (Knorr Park, Santa's Village)

Attractions in Gramado, Brazil

A visit to this children's park is like stepping into a legend come true, with an antique village filled with charm and magic. Don't miss out on an opportunity to see the Wishing Tree, Bear Village, reindeer, the Toy Factory and Santa's House, which was the city's first Bavarian-style house, built in 1940.

All the decor represents Christmas, and you'll even find a lookout point with amazing views of Vale do Quilombo (Quilombo Valley).



Culture in Gramado, Brazil

The city of Gramado features an impressive variety of museums where any traveler will find something fascinating, from antique cars to unique kids of chocolate. Some of the more important and interesting museums are:

Centro Municipal de Cultura (City Cultural Center) - Here you'll find two museums in one place, the Museu Historico (History Museum) and the Museu de Artes (Art Museum). Both feature antique objects and fascinating information on the city's beginnings.

Museu do Perfume (Perfume Museum) - Brazil's first perfume museum was founded in the elegant destination of Gramado. It houses more than 450 fragrances and interesting details.

Culture in Gramado, Brazil

Museu do Chocolate (Chocolate Museum) - In addition to products and information on cacao, this museum tells the story of Brazil's first chocolate factory.

Museu de Cera Dreamland (Dreamland Wax Museum) - This museum is filled with dreams and fantasy, with wax representations of movie stars and pop icons from all over Latin America.

Museu de Motos (Motorcycle Museum) - This space features incredibly restored Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Museu Medieval (Medieval Museum) - Journey through medieval times with displays of knives, weapons, coats of arms, swords, helmets, axes, maps and paintings.

Hollywood Dream Cars - Brazil's most beautiful display of antique cars features models from the 50s and 60s, along with classics that relive the charm of old Hollywood.

Rural Tourism

Places in Gramado, Brazil

Within the city, there are three ecotourism routes where visitors can experience the region's vibrant culture and nature:

Tour do Vale (Valley Tour) - Linha 28 is one of the most lush and beautiful natural areas in Gramado, passing through mountains covered in green forest, rivers, waterfalls and rural properties where you can see home winemaking.

Colonial Roots - The perfect way to experience the areas where the city of Gramado was born, and to see the city's cultural, architectural and gastronomic origins. During the tour, you'll be welcomed by the descendents of the region's first Italian and German colonists.

O Quatrilho - In the towns of Capestre do Tigre and Tapera, you'll find stunning valleys and rivers forming incredible landscapes, home to the people that inspired the Brazilian movie "O Quatrilho".

Vale do Quilombo (Quilombo Valley)

Attractions in Gramado, Brazil

One of Gramado's most incredible natural areas is Vale do Quilombo, a valley that displays the city's amazing natural setting. A hike through its native vegetation is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the site's beautiful waterfalls, wild animals and incomparable plant life.

Belvedere is one of this valley's best spots, a lookout point where you can see the valley in all its glory. On sunny days you can take incredible photos, and on cloudy days the valley is covered in a white sheet, a spectacular phenomenon found throughout the Serra Gaucha mountain range. Book your trip now to experience this stunning region of Brazil.

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