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Nightlife in Goiania: Nigthclubs, Dance Clubs and More

Goiania Nightlife

After a long day, there's nothing better than a trip to the "choperia" (beer garden) with a couple of friends. Nightlife in Goiania is very upbeat and fun, with an infinite option of bars, beer gardens, pubs and clubs. It is a city of alternative independent rock and has an annual festival called the Goiania Noise Festival, the largest of its kind in Brazil.

There are also large public events called "sertanejo", which are agricultural expositions with rodeos, raves, as well as Axe and forro music concerts. Get swept away by the electrifying nights of Goiania! You won't regret it!


Bolshoi, Goiania

One of the largest pubs in Goiania also happens to be the best one, open since 2004. It is a reference for good music and great national and international concerts. There is jazz, blues and even classic rock. The pub does justice to its name (which in Russian means "big"). It has four comfortable and sophisticated areas which includes an outdoor smoking area. The decor is something out of a time warp from around the world, with more than 150 interesting items.

Disel Lounge

Disel Lounge, Goiania

Considered one of the best nightclubs in the city, this enormous club is an innovative architectural project which has a panoramic area, a restaurant area, box seating, lounges, bars and a top of the line lighting and sound system. The "Jardim de Inverno" is an area where more laid-back clients can go and it features one peculiarity: part of the roof can open to let in some fresh air. It is the perfect place to chat and mingle while enjoying appetizers.

Boate It’s

Boate It??¢??s, Goiania

This is one of the most frequented clubs in Goiania. The DJs play hip hop, rock and electronic beats. The club has three bars, a large dance floor and the VIP mezzanine.

Club Fiction

Club Fiction, GoianiaThis club has a different beat to dance to every night. In the mezzanine, there is a dance floor that is completely reserved for smokers, which includes an air conditioning system and extractor fans. There is a main dance floor and a lounge where you can enjoy a slice of excellent pizza.

House Garden

House Garden, Goiania

This upbeat club is great for those who love a bit of nightlife, excellent music and refreshing drinks. It's filled with color and offers many lounge areas. The music has a little something for everyone including house, carioca funk, hip hop and samba. The House Garden is divided up into two sections: a terrace and a mezzanine. The wildest area is definitely the dance floor next to the DJ booth.

Sedna Lounge

Sedna Lounge, Goiania

This modern club is both daring and luxurious at the same time, divided up into three levels and is frequented by beautiful locals. There is a dance floor, bars and a DJ booth with mini side stages. It has a Victorian style feel with the addition of old mirrors. The local and international DJs that play here rule the night with house and other types of music.

DBou Dining Music

DBou Dining Music, Goiania

This club attracts a younger crowd and it is divided up into three areas: the main hall with a dance floor, the mezzanine with a restaurant and the balcony. The music is varied (everything from Brazilian country to electronic music) so you can find something to suit any and all tastes.

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