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Welcome to Goiania

With its beauty and the large green areas of its 22 parks, as well as its nine months of sunny weather, Goiania is one of the best places in Brazil to get a taste of ecotourism. It is focused on nature preservation and visiting places like the Botanic Garden is a clear example of one of the main attractions in the city.


The beautiful city of Goiania, known as the "el bouquet del pais" (bouquet of the country), is the Brazilian capital with the highest number of planted trees on public roads. According to UN guidelines, cities are recommended to have 12 square meters per inhabitant and Goiania has more than eight times that amount. The aroma of the flowers, the brightness of the colors and the freshness of the air that come from the forests, parks and gardens offer entertainment and plenty of space for recreational activities and walks to residents and visitors alike.

Welcome to Goiania

Because of these factors, Goiania holds first place among Brazilian cities in terms of quality of living, according to the Brazilian organization known as the OMEMP (World Organization of States, Municipalities and Provinces). Other factors that contributed to this particular selection are the fact that this city has well-lit streets and does not have "favelas" (poorly constructed neighborhoods in very reduced spaces).

General Information about the City

Goiania Vacations

The capital of the state of Goias is located on the high plains of central Brazil, some 130 miles southeast of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Goiania has modern infrastructure which is geared towards business and events tourism.

Goiania, Brazil

This modern and young city was founded in 1933, it was deemed to be the headquarters of the state administration. Large, tree-lined, downtown avenues were the first constructions built with an art deco influence, contributing to a representative collection of Brazilian architectural history. In 2003, some parts of Goiania(like Campinas) were officially incorporated into the historic and artistic heritage of Brazil.

Business Trips to Goiania

This city offers a variety of tourist options and leisure activities like movies, clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, art galleries, museums and parks. All are located in accessible spots and are filled with the charm of Goiania.

Let the smell of the trees and the local cuisine take you away!

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