Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

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Nightlife in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil

It is known that the main characteristics of Brazilian culture are joy, happiness, enjoyable rhythms and an endless party. If Latin American people are pretty happy-go-lucky, when it comes to parties, Brazilians deserve an honorary mention. Obviously, Foz do Iguazu isn't far behind any other major city in the country, with its tourist attractions that draw people from all over the globe. Carnival, samba, "caipirinha" and dancing are some popular characteristics of a typical Brazilian party. Electronic music, alternative rock or even bohemian are some of the many ambiences that you will find during the night

Triple Border

Remember that Foz do Iguazu is located on the border, sharing shores with Rio Iguazu (Iguazu River) and two of its sister cities: Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay). The three cities make up a giant metropolis, divided only by the river. It is pretty simple going from one city to another so enjoy party-hopping and the nightlife of these three cities.

An Array of Options

Nightlife in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil

You will find many bars and nightclubs on Foz do Iguazu's main avenue, which is called Avenida Brasil (Brazil Avenue). Some nightclubs are truly representative of the excellent nightlife in Foz do Iguazu, such as One Teatro Bar or Tass, where you can go crazy and dance all night long. There are some places with a relaxed atmosphere. If you are looking for a place to eat and drink, then ask for a "barzinho", such as the Capitao Bar.

Itaipu Dam

Nightlife in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil

Once you are in Foz do Iguazu, you should consider visiting the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam and watch the light and sound show, projected onto the wall of this gigantic structure. Sometimes there are concerts and other events at this amazing place, so you should keep an eye on the schedule and try to make it to a show.

Bars and Nightclubs

Nightlife in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil
  • Armazem
  • Alquimia
  • BR3
  • Boate Scorpion
  • B2 Multimidia
  • J C M Abreu Clube ME
  • Capitao Bar
  • Oba! Oba!
  • Rafain
  • Casino Iguazu
  • Cataratas Bowling Center
  • Casa de Espetaculos Sex Appeal Ltda
  • Bilhares Santa Maria
  • Internacional Disco Club
  • Moinho Show Bar
  • One Teatro Bar
  • Tass

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