Fortaleza, Brazil

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Restaurants in Fortaleza, Brasil: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Fortaleza, Brazil

Latin Americans commonly say that the stomach is the door that leads to the heart, and this proves true for those who visit Fortaleza: the flavors you try during your stay at this popular Brazilian destination will leave a deep impression on your memory. Seafood, meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, and various regional spices are skillfully combined to create "the typical flavor of Fortaleza".

Praia do Futuro (Beach of the Future)

Restaurants in Fortaleza, Brazil

Praia do Futuro is locally known for its large number of restaurants, all of which feature beautiful views of the sea. Do not expect to walk into luxurious restaurants, since in Praia do Futuro you'll find quite the opposite. The locales at Praia do Futuro are what local people call "barracas", small huts made of wood, painted and decorated in many colors, each with a unique personality. One thing that the barracas have in common is that they offer the freshest seafood. Crab-based dishes especially stand out due to their sublime flavor.

Bairro da Varjota (Varjota Neighborhood)

Restaurants in Fortaleza, Brazil

This popular neighborhood in Fortaleza has a wide variety of high quality restaurants; they offer traditional seafood dishes prepared with fish, shrimp, crab and even lobster, as well as European, Asian and Arabian haute cuisine. There are some restaurants that also feature live music and themed decor. Don't forget to try the "baia-de-dois" (a dish made with rice, beans and dry meat) or one of the most typical Brazilian delicacies: juicy grilled steaks cooked over charcoal or firewood.

Avenida Beira Mar (Beira Mar Avenue)

Restaurants in Fortaleza, Brazil

Many of the restaurants here offer the most common produce in Fortaleza: seafood. However, the differences in recipes between the various establishments can be immense, many using the same ingredients prepared in a completely different style. Just by walking along this avenue, visitors can start a journey across the world, tasting typical flavors from Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, and even Germany. Be sure to top off this culinary adventure with a delicious ice cream: there is a shop that offers more than 50 different flavors!

Praia da Iracema (Iracema Beach)

Restaurants in Fortaleza, Brazil

This waterfront neighborhood, near the popular landmark "Ponte dos Ingleses" (English Bridge, which is actually an old dock), is filled with a large number of restaurants and bars, most of which flourished after the construction of the "Centro Cultural Dragao do Mar". Regional cuisine, bohemian bars with handcrafted beer, affordable to-go snacks, international fast food and a spectacular ocean view are some of the attractions at Iracema Beach. Be sure to try the "carne-de-sol", meaning sun-dried beef.

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