Fortaleza, Brazil

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Nightlife in Fortaleza, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Fortaleza, Brazil

In Fortaleza, the fun doesn't stop when the last rays of the setting sun disappear over the horizon. On the contrary, you only have to decide where you want to direct your steps so that you can enjoy the ideal evening out. The options go from bohemian bars, modern night clubs and even comedy routines, theater plays and dance performances. We recommend you trying a little bit of everything because the night is long so make the time to enjoy everything!

Drinks and Laughs

Nightlife in Fortaleza, Brazil

This Brazilian land breeds generations of comedians and at night, you can find them in the theaters, bars and even in the city restaurants. Much of the time, you can find the comedians sharing the stage with talented dancers who, in turn, perform many traditional dances from Brazil. Some of the theaters, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the best cocktails as well as a great show are:

  • Teatro do Hotel Praia Centro, on Praia de Iracema
  • Lupus Bier, on Praia de Iracema
  • Teatro do Humor, on Avenida Beira-Mar
  • Beira-Mar Grill, on Avenida Beira-Mar

Culture and Fun

Nightlife in Fortaleza, Brazil

An excellent option for the evening, for those who are looking for cultural stimulus in this beautiful city is the Centro Dragao do Mar de Arte e Cultura, which has several projection rooms, theaters and exposition rooms. The Dragao do Mar is located in Praia de Iracema and offers interesting shows for all ages, starting from around 5 pm. Once the show ends, visit one of the multiple bars and restaurants that surround the complex. You can find live music in many establishments, as well as delicious dishes and refreshing cocktails.


Nightlife in Fortaleza, Brazil

If one night (or every night) you spend in Fortaleza is one that you want to spend dancing to the hot rhythms and the wild colors of Brazilian nightlife, this city won't let you down. There are a number of varied nightclubs in Fortaleza that showcase professional musicians playing live. Listen to everything from romantic acoustic guitar to entire bands recreating the festive atmosphere of Brazilian carnival.

  • Pirata Bar, live regional music
  • Arre Egua, live rock and axe music

Party on the Beach

Nightlife in Fortaleza, Brazil

Anyone who visits Fortaleza and goes out at night for walk will be captivated by the music that comes from the multiple bars and restaurants that are located in front of the beaches, like Iracema. For years, it has been a popular meeting place for tourists, artists and local intellectuals.

Other frequented locales, like the "barracas" which are wooden constructions with palm-leaf roofs, are located on Praia do Futuro, known for being a beach where you can dance till the wee hours of the night. Local DJs mix cuts of music all night long, ranging from pop, electronic, samba and axe.