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Restaurants in Florianopolis, Brasil: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Florianopolis Brazil

Dining in Florianopolis is always a real pleasure, because the gastronomic options available are as diverse as the people that live here or visit the city. Due to the fact that the origin of many of the residents is European, the cuisine here is quite unique. Dishes are usually served in generous portions, however, the real difference to European cuisine lies in the ingredients, which are mainly native to Brazil, such as "acai" (palm fruit), a very sweet and fleshy type of date, or farofa, which is flour made of yucca. You can also find plenty of other cuisines such as Thai, Japanese, Arabic, French, Italian, and of course classic Brazilian.

Food from the Azores

Restaurants in Florianopolis Brazil

Florianopolis was originally colonized by people from the Portuguese chain of islands called the Azores, and their traditional cuisine can still be found in many venues around the city. This cuisine is based around fish, which is prepared fried, roasted, smoked, breaded, broiled on tiles or wrapped in banana leaves, such as "Cozido Azoriano" (Azorean style boiled fish,) which is served with farofa. There are also many other dishes that use yucca as the main ingredient. The herbs and spices most commonly used include basil, black pepper, parsley, laurel, oregano, coriander, chives, cherry tomatoes, cumin, cinnamon and garlic. Simply delicious!

Brazilian Food

Restaurants in Florianopolis BrazilYou must take advantage of your trip to this important Brazilian city and try plenty of the local favorites, such as ''espetos'' (skewers with chunks of grilled meat), ''pirao'' (yucca flour mixed with beans, shrimps, meat, or vegetables), and the very classic ''Feijoada", which is a delicious bean soup made with meat and spices. For dessert don't forget to try the "pe de moleque"(urchin foot), which is a candy made of peanuts and melted sugar, or the chocolate truffles named "brigadeiros" (brigade soldiers.)

European Food

Restaurants in Florianopolis Brazil

You can find lots of European flavors in the wide range of restaurants in Florianopolis, because Italian, German and Slavic immigrants have made a strong impact on the local culture and cuisine. Almost every international restaurant here features dishes, such as the traditional Italian "gallina caipira ao molho" (wild chicken with sauce), along with many other Italian favorites. It is also easy to find German specialties, such as "mit rotkohl" (duck with red cabbage) or traditional sausages. Goulash (meat stew with vegetables) is Hungary's contribution to this gastronomy, and of course all kinds of dairy produce, made using Dutch techniques are incredibly popular. Go ahead and try a variety of the dishes and fall in love with the eclectic blend of flavors on offer.

Budget Meals

Restaurants in Florianopolis Brazil

There are places in Florianopolis that offer everything ''per kilo'', where your dish is weighed and you pay for exactly the amount of food you consume. Another option is called a ''libre'' (freedom) where you pay a fixed amount and eat all you want. The very popular ''rodizios'' (rounds) also have a fixed cost and you can eat all you want, but the food is brought to your table in rounds by the waiters, and you just choose what you want to eat. There are churrascaria rodizios that offer "espetos" (long skewers) of beef, pork and chicken, or you could go to a pizza rodizio, where they serve more than 30 different kinds of pizza, ranging from classic ham and cheese to chocolate pizza.

Of course, there are all the well known fast food franchises, but before eating something you can find anywhere else in the world, take a look at what the street vendors have to offer. They serve delicious corn cobs prepared with mayonnaise, all kinds of fruit shakes, "abacaxis" (pineapples) filled with fruit and vodka, caipirinhas and even "choripanes", which are similar to hot dogs but made with chorizo sausage and a special sauce. In Florianopolis, you will definitely find a range of incredible flavors and options that you are sure to love.


Restaurants in Florianopolis Brazil

The city has a long coastline that includes about 100 beaches and two big lagoons, so for obvious reasons the cuisine of Florianopolis features lots of delicious seafood. This city is also nicknamed the "Capital of Oysters" because 95% of all Brazil's oysters come from here. They are served in a variety of ways, including fresh from the sea with a sprinkle of salt and lime, to baked with cheese, smoked or even breaded.

Another classic dish in Florianopolis is the "sequencia de camarao" (shrimp sequence), which consists of four or five shrimp dishes served with several different garnishes. Among them you will find Greek style shrimp (a skewer of shrimps with cheese), and the "bobo de camarao" (shrimps cooked with olive and coconut oils). The whole sequence can be a lot for just one person, so it's a good idea to share it with friends. There are also many different types of fish such as "bagre" (catfish), "linguado"(flounder) and "tainha" (mullet), which you can try stuffed, salt dried or grilled. Bon Appetit!

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