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Nightlife in Florianopolis, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Florianopolis, Brazil

After an amazing day of enjoying the colors, flavors, culture and beautiful beaches of Florianopolis, nighttime will bring new and thrilling experiences that can last until the sun comes up. Visit great restaurants, pubs and "buatchis" (nightclubs) that can make your nights on the "Island of Magic" truly unforgettable. The best time of year for nightlife in "Floripa" is during the warmer months of December through March, when tourism's high season allows visitors to fully appreciate the nightly display of lights and music that overtakes the entire island.

In Floripa, you won't only find amazing natural beauty, but you will also come across some of the world's most exciting nightlife where you might run into European royalty, international celebrities and famous athletes that come to Florianopolis for its unbeatable atmosphere. The music varies throughout the island, from the heavy beats of techno music to reggaeton, cumbia, samba and rock in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Whatever your style or nationality, you're sure to find the ideal venue for a night out on this magical island.


Nightlife in Florianopolis, Brazil

The northern part of the island holds most of Santa Catarina's population along with the largest amount of bars and nightclubs. The beaches bordering this part of the island include Canasvieiras (highly visited by Uruguayan and Argentine tourists), and Brava (with a wide variety of bars and restaurants). Jurere Internacional Beach, which many say resembles Miami with its high-end clubs and entertaining nightlife, offers the most exclusive restaurants, bars and nightclubs on the entire island, such as Club 12, El Divino Beach and El Pacha.


Nightlife in Florianopolis, Brazil

Santa Catarina Island's central area connects with Florianopolis' mainland and houses the island's "Capital" district, where you can visit famous bars like Bar 32. At the Conceicao Lagoon you can discover a myriad of nightclubs and bars, and from the mountain's lookout you can admire a stunning panorama of the nighttime city lights. At Barra da Lagoa, which has the ambiance of a small fishing village, you can experience a great view from an amazing lookout and enjoy various bars. On Joaquina Beach, there are various restaurants and bars for enjoying the best sunsets in Floripa, while Mole Beach's nightlife is mainly oriented toward Brazilians, creating a vibrant dance and music scene.


Nightlife in Florianopolis, Brazil

The southern part of Santa Catarina Island has few beaches in comparison with the rest of the island. Even so, it has unique areas such as Campeche Beach, where you can find excellent restaurants, nightclubs and bars for enjoying unforgettable nights out. Here you can also find a variety of locales for the gay community.

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