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Cuisine Ensenada, Baja CaliforniaLike any coastal city, the main ingredients in traditional Ensenada cuisine come from the ocean. Excellent seafood and fish caught in the area’s cool waters are prepared with locally grown products favored by the Mediterranean climate, including grapes and olives.

When talking about traditional dishes and original Ensenada cuisine, the star of the menu is the famous fish taco, made with a corn tortilla and a strip of battered fish seasoned with a classic Mexican salsa known as Pico de Gallo.

Ensenada Fish TacosWith the preservation of wine and bread making techniques, Russian immigrants living in the Valley of Guadalupe have also contributed to the local cuisine. Some families still practice these traditions and offer customary Russian meals as well as products that are available for purchase.

Cheeses from Real del Castillo are another noteworthy aspect of Ensenada’s culinary traditions. You’ll have the opportunity to visit and tour the farms where they are produced and you may also wish sample or purchase some of your favorite selections.

Ensenada ProduceThe city is home to a variety of specialty restaurants as well as numerous food festivals, including La Vendimia (Grape Harvest Festival) in August and a lobster festival in October.

Whatever your preference, in Ensenada you’ll always find the perfect accompaniment for your meal, whether it’s a cold beer or a glass of white or red wine from the vineyards that make this city such a distinguished destination.

Grape Harvest Celebrations

Grape Celebrations Ensenada

La Vendimia is a traditional festival that originated in Greece to celebrate the beginning of the grape harvest. For more than a decade, Ensenada has adopted this tradition and for ten days each year all of the wineries organize various activities, including tastings, cultural events, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, plays, festivals and contests. The customary paella contest which closes the festivities is a true gastronomic treat, offering a memorable conclusion to Grape Harvest Celebrations that invite you to indulge your senses and discover the exquisite craftsmanship of wine.

Mercado Negro

Mercado Negro Ensenada

Better known as “Mercado Negro”, the Ensenada Seafood Market is the quintessential shopping venue for all kinds of seafood, including oysters, mussels, clams, lobster, octopus and shrimp as well as both fresh and smoked fish. Open since 1958, this market is known for its cleanliness and great selection of merchandise. Throughout the market you’ll find traditional fish tacos and other enticing snacks, all freshly prepared with the catch of the day.

El Rey Sol

El Rey Sol in Ensenada

This famous French restaurant has won several awards for its service and the quality of its extensive menu. Finely appointed and featuring a touch of elegance in the decor and furnishings, El Rey Sol has more than 50 years of tradition in Ensenada, including a tea room where you can savor enticing pastries and delicious coffee.

Mariscos Playa Azul

Ensenada Seafood

Since 1964, this restaurant has satisfied the appetites of seafood lovers with cocktails, appetizers, broths, seafood tacos and even stingray or lobster burritos.

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