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Restaurants in El Paso Texas, USA: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in El Paso, Texas, USA

El Paso is one of the best places to enjoy Tex-Mex and Mexican food in the Unites States. Consequently, when having lunch or dinner in this sunny city of the southwest, you must try a few of the exquisite and delicious Tex-Mex and Mexican dishes on offer. However, El Paso is not just a great place for Mexican food; you'll also find huge succulent steaks and cuisine from around the world, including contemporary American, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Like lots of other cities in the United States, El Paso also has many of the major chain restaurants. However, it's always worthwhile sampling a few of the regional dishes in the smaller mom and pop eateries. Wherever you decide to dine, one thing is for certain in El Paso you will always find a restaurant that will definitely satisfy your appetite.

The Cusine of El Paso

The cuisine in El Paso can be described as a fusion of Mexican and American, resulting in exquisite Tex-Mex dishes. This is how the likes of chili con carne, burritos, fajitas, and the American version of the Mexican taco (made with a tortilla shell, ground beef, and cheese) all came about. You can, of course, also find plenty of original Mexican dishes, which nowadays make up an essential part of the many fantastic culinary options available in the restaurants in El Paso.

El Paso is also renowned for serving up some of the best steaks in the country, including T-bone, sirloin, and rib eye. You must also try the delicious barbecue meats and ribs that are so tender they just fall off the bone. Texas is one of the major livestock and farming states in the U.S, so you are almost guaranteed that in any El Paso restaurant you'll be sampling some really high quality meat. El Paso has plenty of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular places to dine in and around this exciting city.


Restaurants in El Paso, Texas, USA
  • Azulejos
  • Barrigas Restaurant
  • Cafe Mazapan
  • El Nopal
  • Forti's Mexican Elder
  • G & R Restaurant
  • Julio's Cafe Corona
  • Kikis Restaurant & Bar
  • Los Bandidos de Carlos and Mickey's


Restaurants in El Paso, Texas, USA
  • Billy Crews
  • Cattleman's Steakhouse
  • Dane's Steakhouse
  • Delaney's Steakhouse
  • Great American Land and Cattle Co.

Other Fare

Restaurants in El Paso, Texas, USA
  • 2900 (Contemporary American)
  • Ardovino's Desert Crossing (Contemporary American)
  • Cafe Central (Contemporary American)
  • Famous Dave's (Barbecue)
  • Japanese Kitchen International (Sushi)
  • Landry's (Seafood)
  • Michelino's (Italian)
  • Monteleone's Ristorante Italiano (Italian)
  • Okazuri Floating Sushi (Sushi)
  • Pelican's Restaurant Eastside (Seafood)
  • Shogun (Japanese)
  • Susaki Lounge and Sushi Bar (Asian)
  • The Dome (Contemporary American)
  • The Rib Hut (Barbecue)
  • The State Line (Barbecue)
  • The Sushi Place (Sushi)

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