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Restaurants in El Calafate, Argentina: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in El Calafate, Argentina

Travel to El Calafate and see for yourself the frozen wonders at "the edge of the world." One thing that many visitors comment on is the delicious cuisine of El Calafate, which has an unmistakable taste only found in Patagonia. The taste is very different from the coastal and central areas of Argentina and it really is something you must experience for yourself! The ingredients used, especially the fish, are always of a very high quality because there is almost no contamination in rivers and lakes of the Andes.

The Europeans brought their deer and wild boar recipes to the new world and were pleased to find these animals already in Patagonia. There is nothing better than enjoying roast lamb and a glass of wine in a warm, rustic cabin. During your visit to the city, you should definitely try the trout, considered a delicacy because of its soft, pink flesh. Furthermore don't forget to purchase some products made from the fruit called calafate, such as sweets, jellies and liqueurs. There's a popular saying in the area that goes "he who eats calafate, always returns for more".


El Calafate Cuisine

This is an excellent restaurant/bar in El Calafate. If you ask any of the locals where a good place to eat is, many of them will tell you that the Cambalache is your best bet! Here you will find traditional Argentinean dishes such as roast lamb. It has a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere for the whole family. Cambalache is located near the main street and you can identify it by its unmistakable sign and facade. This is an obligatory stop for every visitor!.

Rick's Cafe

Restaurants in El Calafate

Rick's Cafe is a very important landmark in El Calafate. The buffet restaurant offers a delicious salad bar and succulent cuts of meat at very reasonable prices. You can have chicken, chorizo and pork loins and also the traditional Patagonian roast lamb. It is an ideal choice if you want to sample a wide variety of local flavors.

La Vaca Atada

Restaurants in El Calafate, Argentina

This restaurant has a cutout figure of a cow and also one of a lamb in the main entrance. La Vaca Atada is the favorite restaurant for many visitors who have discovered its generous portions and delicious dishes. The quality of the food is great, which is probably why it's usually crowded. If you have the opportunity to get a table then take it!

La Lechuza

El Calafate Restaurants

This is the most popular pizzeria in the city. They have a great variety of dishes for all tastes and budgets. In addition to classic pizzas, La Lechuza serves sandwiches, pastries and salads. You can find this wonderful place in El Calafate's downtown, on Liberador Avenue.


El Calafate Restaurants

Acuarela is the only place to go for ice cream. All the ingredients are natural and of a very high quality. Ask for a sample of the calafate ice cream to check for yourself if it's true that "he who eats calafate, always returns for more ".

Pascasio M.

El Calafate Restaurants

Pascasio M. is a fine dining restaurant where you can order unique dishes and choose from several of the finest Argentinean wines. On the menu you will find delicious fish, game, risottos, desserts and steaks cooked in a traditional Patagonian style. All this can be enjoyed in the very exclusive and welcoming environment.

Las Barricas

El Calafate Restaurants

Las Barricas is a restaurant that has been satisfying diners since 2002. It has a friendly atmosphere, ideal for anyone wanting to experience the real Patagonian culture. While dining here, you will discover that the food at Las Barricas pleases all the senses. The roast lamb, trout and desserts all come highly recommended.

La Tablita

El Calafate Restaurants

With excellent service, La Tablita offers a menu that specializes in the regional dishes of Patagonia. Discover a wonderful variety of the best international and Argentinean wines. This welcoming restaurant is located on Liberador Avenue, where it crosses the Calafate River.

Viva La Pepa

El Calafate Restaurants

Those who come to Viva La Pepa will find a lively environment full of colorful details. The restaurant offers delicious crepes, outstanding service and good music. It is the ideal choice if you are looking for somewhere suitable for the whole family. They serve a good selection of salads, sandwiches, soups and individual pizzas. The restaurant is located two blocks before the Calafate River, beside the city's church.


El Calafate Restaurants

Michelangelo is an elegant restaurant that serves an excellent selection of international dishes and traditional Argentinean food. It's part of the hotel of the same name, and is open for guests and visitors alike. Here you can try roast lamb, trout, steaks, pastas and desserts, such as chocolates and fruits from the area. It's recommendable to make reservations for dinner in advance, as they book up quickly. Such is the fame of Michelangelo!

El Puesto

El Calafate Restaurants

The restaurant El Puesto is located in one of the oldest houses in El Calafate and has an exclusive yet cozy atmosphere. They serve delicious pasta, steaks and an excellent selection of wines. A traditional brick oven is used to cook the most delicious dishes on the menu. El Puesto is the ideal choice for a romantic dinner.

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