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Nightlife in El Calafate, Argentina: Nightclubs, Bars & More

Nightlife in El Calafate, Argentina

When the sun goes down and darkness encircles the mountains, El Calafate's nightlife begins. The people head out to popular local bars and pubs to enjoy a night out, have fun and dance. Due to its slow yet steady growth, El Calafate is just barely beginning to expand and diversify its nighttime options. All you have to do is ask any local, and they'll point you in the direction of the nearest bar or tavern.

After an amazing day of experiencing the natural beauty of the surrounding glaciers and lakes, you can throw on a coat and continue to enjoy all that El Calafate has to offer. The minimal amount of illumination given off by this small town makes it the ideal place for stargazing, like the natives have always done. By simply lifting your head up, you'll see a sky lit up by stars that will take your breath away.


Nightlife in El Calafate, Argentina

El Calafate has various casinos where you can try your luck. Some are situated inside hotels, but there are also independent casinos like the one on Avenida del Libertador (Libertador Avenue) in the downtown area. These casinos include roulettes, poker tables, digital and traditional slot machines, and bars for enjoying a beer or wine while you play.

Don Diego de la Noche

Nightlife in El Calafate, Argentina

This is the city's most popular pub. For a long time, it was one of the only options available for those who wished to go out at night. Its name comes from a beautiful white flower that only opens up at nighttime. At this pub, you can enjoy some of your favorite drinks along with different types of live music and local bands. The bar is situated on the city's main road, Libertador.

La Tolderia

Nightlife in El Calafate, Argentina

This restaurant bar transforms into an exciting pub at nighttime, and the young people of El Calafate flock here to dance, drink and spend an unforgettable time among friends. This is the ideal place to socialize and make friends in the city. La Tolderia offers drinks, snacks and live music with local bands. It's situated on Avenida del Libertador.

Shackleton Lounge

Nightlife in El Calafate, Argentina

Shackleton Lounge is a place for relaxing, drinking and eating on the cold nights in El Calafate. Here, you'll have a great time with good music while you enjoy a delicious daiquiri, the drink that's most highly recommended by Shackleton customers. The Lounge offers a beautiful panoramic view of El Calafate that will leave you stunned.

Tango Sur

Vida Nocturna en El Calafate

Tango Sur is a bar, museum, dance floor and restaurant. The decor is made up of antique items such as old sewing machines, vintage vinyl records and black and white photographs, giving the place a nostalgic ambiance. The nights here are an experience full of the sound of tango rhythms. It's the perfect spot for taking that special someone out for a romantic evening, located on Calle 9 de Julio.

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