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Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina: What to do and where to go

Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina

The impressive scenery of El Calafate will leave you breathless. Thecity is located on the banks of Lake Argentina and, on thehorizon, majestic mountains rise with the help of glaciers and icebergs. Fromthe middle of the last century, Argentineans have understood the enormous touristpotential that existed in this cold land and set to work on sharing it with therest of the world.

Those who travel to El Calafate are usually struck by the beauty of thePatagonias. Enjoy the outdoor activities offered and discover the amazing placeshidden at the foot of the Andes, fromancestral cave paintings to exciting adventures of walking on paths of aglacier.

When you visit El Calafate, you'll have theopportunity to get a look at different types of plants and wild animals. In thesteppe, you can find animals like the "guanaco" (a type of llama),mountain pumas, foxes, hares, armadillos and wild cats. Among some of the mostimportant birds, like the Black-Chested Buzzard Eagle, the PatagonianWoodpecker, the Choique (a species related to Darwin's Rhea) and the AndeanCondor. Those who wish to take a walk around the area should take their camerasand binoculars. One may never know what they may find.

The Glaciar Perito Moreno

Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina

TheGlaciar Perito Moreno is a large glacier formation that is 3.1 miles wide and 65 yards tall. It is thethird largest reserve of drinking water in the world and it is considered bymany as the eighth wonder of the world for the incredible view that it offers.There are special platforms located near the glacier so that you can enjoy thespectacular sight of breaking ice at close range. It is some 50 miles from the city of El Calafate and you canget there by either bus or car.

Laguna Nimes

Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina

Laguna Nimes is a wonderful nature reserve that is a little over half amile from El Calafate. There are a lot of birds like swans, ducks, flamingosand grebes, among other animals. It is recommendable to visit just before duskduring the summer so that you can watch the return of these birds back to theirnests. During the winter, the lake transforms into a gigantic ice skating rinkwhere you can go skating without a problem.

Lago Roca

Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina

Lago Roca can be found in Los Glaciares NationalPark. There are two beautiful paths that goaround this wonderful lake, taking you on a lovely tour through incrediblebackdrops, where you can admire nature. In the surrounding area, you can gosports fishing, on walks around the hills and visit the ranches of the region.

Punta Walichu

Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina

Thecaves of Punta Walichu are about five miles from El Calafate, in front of LagoArgentino. There you can admire 4,000 year-old cave paintings. They werepainted by the first settlers of the area and were of the animals that werehunted and of daily life. There have also been replicas of other cave paintingsin the region that are more than 13,000 years old. Compare and contrast thepaintings and admire this work that has thousands of years of history.

Horse Back Rides

Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina

One of the activities that attract the most number of visitors of El Calafate ishorseback riding. Explore every hidden nook and cranny of this beautiful regionwhile you ride through the great open fields of the Patagonia.There are hundreds of places where you can only get to by horse since it is alittle difficult to access by car. Choose between a short excursion that lastsseveral hours or an excursion that lasts several days.

All Terrain Adventures

Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina

Don'tmiss out on the opportunity to travel along the winding roads of the Patagonia in all terrain vehicles. The guides can takeyou to impressive panoramic points that will take your breath away. There areseveral routes that you can take, among which you can head out towards CerroFrias, Balcon del Calafate and Lago Roca. Have an incredible experience on thesteppes of the Patagonia.


Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina

Touristsfrom all over the world come to El Calafate to fish in the bodies of water thatabound in the area. This is an exciting activity where you can catch all sortsof different species of trout like brown, rainbow, river and Chinook. The mostpopular places to fish are the Lago Argentino and Lago Roca.

Museo Regional

Attractions in El Calafate, Argentina

The Regional Museum of El Calafate is where there is a display ofarcheological artifacts of the Tehuelche. Among the articles found here, thereare "boleadoras" (a hunting instrument made up of a cord and normallytwo or three balls tied to each end, used to entangle an animal's legs), stonetools, arrowheads and fossils of flora and fauna of the region. There are alsoold photographs of the first inhabitants of the area. This is a definite stopyou have to make to learn more about this marvelous place.

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