Heaven on Earth

Paula Camera

el cielo

Imagine for a moment walking barefoot in a forest of tall, thick trees of lush green tops, feeling the freshness of a beautiful crystal water lagoon. Picture yourself admiring a great natural cascade emerging from exuberant vegetation, dazzling with its wild beauty. Birds chirp, flapping wings of colorful butterflies, with tulips growing around; you'll feel like you're in absolute heaven. And you don't even need to go that far. In Tamaulipas, Mexico, you'll find El Cielo Biosphere Reserve. "El cielo" in Spanish means "heaven" and this Reserve is a little piece of heaven here on earth.

el cieloIn 1985, this vast protected area was declared a cultural heritage site by the UNESCO. It is located on the eastern side of the Sierra Madre, crossing southeast through Tamaulipas. Traveling by ATV, by horseback, by mule, by bike or on foot, you can wander deep into the wilderness of Tamaulipas, where you'll breathe fresh air and admire a variety of ecosystems, as well as endangered species and fascinating flora.

el cieloFor this reason, many scientists come to El Cielo to research the richness of this incredible biosphere. Nowadays, more and more visitors are eager to be in touch with nature, admire its flora and fauna or do adventure tourism. At the reserve, you can find two villages: Alta Cima and San Jose. Here you can get a guide who can take you to explore sites such as "Cueva del Agua", a fascinating area inhabited by "troglobites", a species of eyeless, albino cave fish as well as fossils and 430 different birds species.

el cieloThe most adventurous may climb mountains, rappel or kayak. You can find charming paths ideal for cycling and walking through a field of flowers and listening to the whisper of the nearby cascades. In the Gomez Farias community, one of the reserve access points, there are several hotels where you can spend a night and arrive on a four-wheel-drive vehicle to El Cielo. Also at Alta Cima, and a short walk from the reserve, you can find beautiful and rustic cabins that look almost like a fairy tale landscape.

el cieloAt El Cielo, admire species of extraordinary beauty such as the black bear, the lynx, the "yaguarundi", the "tigrillo", the grease fox, the deer and the wild boar and explore one of the most important protected areas in the country, dedicated to the natural reproduction of these species.

Welcome to Heaven on Earth, where it is possible to find oneself and just admire the most sublime silence that only Mother Nature can give us.