The Xcaret Night Show: "Mexico Espectacular"

José Miguel Almeyda

The Xcaret Night Show Mexico Espectacular

Xcaret Night ShowXcaret is a theme park in Quintana Roo that's very popular with tourists visiting Cancun, the Riviera Maya, and Playa del Carmen. The design of the park really is unique, as it combines the exotic flora and fauna of the Yucatan Peninsula with the deep-rooted traditions from different areas of Mexico. This blend has been incredibly successful, making Xcaret one of the most attractive places to visit for people vacationing in these beach destinations.

Walking to the Tlachco Theater XcaretMany people aren't aware that when you purchase your admission to the park, the Xcaret at Night show is included. I recommend you get lots of rest the day before, so you can arrive at the show still wide awake, ready to appreciate this fantastic spectacle after having spent the day enjoying the underground river, the Mayan cemetery, the butterfly farm, and many other attractions. As you walk to the Tlachco Theater you'll see members of staff dressed in Mayan costumes, who help to set the mood and build excitement before the show starts.

Mayan Ball Game at XcaretThe "Mexico Espectacular" show is full of light and color. It starts with a re-creation of the Mayan Ballgame, impressing spectators with the traditional version before wowing the audience by lighting the rubber ball on fire and finishing the game. The show continues with a very creative exploration of the different eras of Mexican history, from the Spanish Conquest to the Mexican Revolution, featuring clothing from the various eras, and an emotive representation of the Mexican Virgin of Guadalupe.

Xcaret Folkloric BalletThe Xcaret folkloric ballet sparkles with traditional dances from around Mexico, including the Dance of the Old Men, from Michoacan, and "Flor de Pina" (Pineapple Flower), from Oaxaca. The choreography also includes songs typical of the north of Mexico and the iconic Mariachis, who are adored by tourists from Mexico and around the globe.

Xcaret Night ShowThere is also the option to experience the Xcaret Night Show accompanied by a delicious dinner, which you can arrange when you get to the park. You'll also find snack stores, along with vendors who walk around the theater selling popcorn, sodas, and other products. It is well worth spending the whole day at Xcaret and staying for the night show, as this spectacle is, without a doubt, something that captivates tourists and fills Mexicans with pride. Don't miss out on this fascinating experience!

Written by Jose Miguel Almeyda