Veracruz Aquarium: A Fascinating Immersion

Verónica Santamaría


The Port of Veracruz, a place rich in culture, folklore, traditions, local cuisine, cultural and local-flavored architecture, is also a magical place where you can take a close look at life in the sea at the tankVeracruz Aquarium. It is considered as one of the most important and most complete in all of Latin America because of its modern technology and functions as a family recreation center. It is a strong pull for tourism in the region because it also promotes education and extends knowledge on aquatic investigation and conservation of marine fauna, particularly from the Gulf of Mexico.

pargoThe Veracruz Aquarium Shopping mall, where the Aquarium is housed, has about 200 aquatic organisms arranged in three rooms: the fresh water gallery, the salt water gallery and the ocean tank. It has a shark section, a manatee section and a pool where you can pet the animals.

tuxtlas With 3493 m2 area, the aquarium consists of 80% natural habitat and the remaining 20% is artificial. The fresh water gallery is located in a cavern in Los Tuxtlas region. In this section, you can see numerous turtles, boas, crocodiles and colorful toucans flying from one branch to another. In the walls, there are tanks where a great variety of species of Mexican, African, Asiatic and South American origins. This attractive gallery has a total of 13 exhibitions.

lobster In the salt water tank, you can see more than 90 species among them fish, reptiles, octopus, crabs, lobsters, shrimps and seahorses from the Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Pacific Ocean, the Red Sea and the Hawaiian Pacific arranged in 15 different sizes of tanks.

Enjoy the indescribable feeling of going through a tunnel with 22 cm-thick acrylic walls inside a tank of 1, 250, 000 liters of salt water which houses an entire marine ecosystem. Admire a great quantity of species such as rays, turtles and barracudas as you wander through this amazing journey.

tunnelThe shark section will make your heart beat as you experience the emotion and adrenaline that these intimidating animals will make you feel. Kids love the manatee section because they can interact with these animals. At the end of the journey, you will find an outdoor tide pool with species such as sea urchins, turtles and other marine animals where people can find out more about these creatures.

Visit the Veracruz Aquarium. It's the best way to go and dive into this fascinating world with a little fun, science and culture to boot. Don't miss the opportunity to live this wonderful experience first hand!