Official Uniforms for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Cristina Terra

Official Uniforms for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Brazil is a country with an incredible variety of colors, tastes, sounds, cultures and traditions, a fact that makes it the ideal host for the 32 teams from across the globe that will participate in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The main passions in the lives of the Brazilian people are the carnival, samba, and soccer, the last of which is considered to be not just a sport, but a way of life. The "Meninos do Brasil" (Brazilian Boys), or "Selecao Sanarinho" (Canary National Team), as the Brazilian national soccer team is informally known, have become national symbols because of their audacity and significant contribution to the world of soccer, as well as for their famous yellow jerseys.

Twelve Brazilian state capital cities will host the matches of the World Cup. Sao Paulo will hold the opening game, while the final will be held in the iconic Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. The stage is set, and a large part of the color of this event will be provided by the uniforms of every one of the participating teams. There are 64 different jerseys in total, with each nation having "home" and "away" colors.

Brazilian JerseyBrazil will be wearing a completely redesigned "Y"-neck jersey with short sleeves and green borders, a change from the traditional polo shirt, and without the normal inscription of Brazil underneath the logo. Inside, on the back of the badge, the jersey will have an inscription: "Born to play soccer". The features that have been maintained after the change include the yellow color of the jersey, the blue shorts with white stripes on the side, and the white socks. The away uniform will have a jersey with horizontal stripes in different shades of blue, white shorts with blue horizontal stripes, and blue socks.

Mexico Jersey 2014The "home" uniform of Mexico is predominantly green, but with horizontal white and red lightning-bolt-shaped lines going into the logo in the center. On the back it will have a stripe of darker green with the inscription "Mexico", as well as letters that pay homage to the Mayans, and with lightning bolts that represent "Fuerza Mexicana" (Mexican Strength). The shorts will be white with vertical red stripes, while the socks will be red with green and white stripes. The away jersey will be red with black stripes and details, black shorts with red stripes on the side, and red socks with black and white stripes.

Spain Jersey 2014The "home" uniform of the defending champion, Spain, will be mainly red with golden details. The team logo is on the right hand side of the chest, while the shorts and socks will be entirely red. The away jersey will be black with a neon yellow horizontal line, and both the shorts and socks will be black.

Without a shadow of a doubt, every uniform will be unique and will emphasize the shields and national colors of each team. This in turn will ensure a vibrant, colorful, spectacle in what promises to be a fascinating Soccer World Cup.

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