Theater and Music in Taxco

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Theater and Music in TaxcoYou are invited to visit the beautiful city of Taxco, located in the state of Guerrero, one of the magical corners of our Mexico, where you can be a witness to some of its marvelous cultural festivals.

This charming spot, also known as the Ciudad Teatro (the Theater City), is adorned by various artistic festivals during the year. Among the most well-known are, without a doubt, the famous "Jornadas Alarconianas," which for more than a century, has been the reason to deck the city out in its Sunday best to honor the illustrious Mexican playwright, Juan Ruiz de Alarcon. This year, the invitation that the Guerrero state government extends to the public is this Friday, June 24 to Sunday, July 3. For the 10 days of the festival, you can enjoy the art of the theater groups that come from different parts of the country, including those from the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (also known as INBA, the National Institute of Fine Arts).

Theater and Music in TaxcoFor those who love good music, the Instituto Guerrerense de la Cultura (Guerrero Institute of Culture) as well as various educational and cultural institutions like the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes and Radio UNAM invite you to the traditional Taxco Guitar Festival and Contest from July 10-15. This musical showcase promotes artistic expression with a guitar in a variety of presentations including concerts, expositions, conferences and courses. Internationally renowned guitarists are also honored at this festival.


Theater and Music in TaxcoOne of the host forums of both festivals will be the Teatro Juan Ruiz de Alarcon, located at the Posada de la Mision Hotel. The concerts that will be given here will be free of charge and will guarantee a marvelous evening.

Theater and Music in TaxcoTaxco has much to offer visitors. Its cobblestone streets, narrow and winding alleyways, the red of the roof tiles and the whitewash of the facades create a contrast with the brilliant pop of color from the flowers that hang from the balconies. It is a completely stunning sight for locals and visitors alike.

Theater and Music in TaxcoAnd what is there to say about the famed pieces of silver, created at the hands of skilled artisans? Anyone who has ever visited the city has taken away at least one item, ranging from traditional pieces of jewelry to elaborate dishes and flower vases.

Theater and Music in TaxcoThis is a place which urges you to get around on foot. The streets and the people exude a sort of freshness and carefree attitude that only the magic of a Mexican countryside can provide. Taxco awaits you so discover her charm and go away with a piece of this Pueblo Magico (Magic Town) in your heart.