Tax Returns for the Visiting Tourist

Rafael De la Lastra

Tricentenario de la Fundación de la Ciudad de Chihuahua

Tricentenario de la Fundación de la Ciudad de ChihuahuaIf you are traveling to Cancun, Tax Back (a service working in conjunction with the SAT, the Mexican government tax collection agency) is in charge of returning taxes incurred by non-residents in Mexico and has opened its doors in the two terminals of Cancun International Airport. Its purpose is to offer services and support in relation to taxes to the visiting shopper.

There are over 500 stores in Quintana Roo that are part of the Tax Back program, located in Cancun and cities nearby, offering a service that is both simple and effective to tourists visiting the state. There are certain parameters that should be considered when using this service:

Tricentenario de la Fundación de la Ciudad de Chihuahua1. In order to apply, purchases should be more than $1,200 Mexican pesos, including IVA (tax) and made in participating stores. Purchases made in cash that add up to an amount between $1,200 to $3,000 Mexican pesos are applicable. Anything above or below this amount is not considered. Any credit card purchase made for more than $1,200 pesos also apply. You can combine receipts from the same store to add up to the minimum.

2. The reimbursement of tax will be made via electronic transfer within the 40 days after the date of departure.

3. In the case that the merchandise bought has a value of more than $5,000 Mexican pesos, the person must show the merchandise to the officials of the Tax Back offices, in the airport.

Tricentenario de la Fundación de la Ciudad de Chihuahua4. The Tax Back modules are located in the sterilized zones of Cancun International Airport. In Terminal 2, one is located at the top of the stairs, right in front of the VIP lounges. In Terminal 3, another can be found in the hallway that leads to the boarding gates.

Remember that you need to turn in copies of your visa, passport, boarding pass, invoices with the IVA (tax) clearly marked, as well as the original receipt. Get yourself organized and take advantage of this service.