Surf Open Acapulco

Luis Ernesto de la Garza Carballo

Surf Open Acapulco


Surf Open Acapulco Prize CelebrationExperience the surf culture and enjoy the bohemian atmosphere of Acapulco’s beaches for the second consecutive year in a row at Surf Open Acapulco. From July 5-13, 2014, Playa Revolcadero Beach in the Zona Diamante of Acapulco will feature music, sports and entertainment, all with a youthful adventurous spirit.

Models in Surf Open AcapulcoSurf Open Acapulco (SOA) is an event that attracts some of the world’s best surfers to one of Mexico’s most famous beach destinations, with waves that allow for amazing feats on both long and short surfboards. Athletes from all over the world show off their sculpted bodies under the Acapulco sun as music fills one of the world’s most exclusive beaches.

International Surfers at the Surf Open AcapulcoSurf Open Acapulco is supported by the Mexican Surfing Federation and the International Surfing Association. It’s a more festive and fun-filled version of other surfing competitions that already exist in Acapulco, such as the Selectivo Estatal de Surfing, the Reef Pro Surf Open, and Surf Open “Evencio Garcia.” Surf Open Acapulco is internationally renowned thanks to the commercial support of major brands.

Surf Open Acapulco WinnersSurf Open Acapulco offers $100,000 worth of prizes to its competitors, including surfers from various parts of the Americas and Europe. In addition to the competition, there’s also Surf Expression Sessions, during which pro surfers perform spectacular freestyle tricks for the audience, without the added pressure of being judged.

Movies on the beach at the Surf Open AcapulcoDuring the event, sponsors and special guest artists present their artwork and products, such as cars, fashionable drinks, brand name clothing and more. Another activity that gets everyone excited is the motocross exhibition, which features daredevil drivers flying through the air and performing jumps on a track. There are also concerts, film screenings on the beach and fun pool parties, as well as surf clinics where you can learn to ride the waves like the pros. This year, you’ll also be able to watch the games of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on giant screens that will be set up on the beach.

Surf Open Acapulco CompetitorsVisit Acapulco this year and enjoy one of the most exclusive events on the continent, where you can immerse yourself in surf culture, take part in great events and party with people from all over the world. Among the many things to do in Acapulco, this is one event that you’re definitely going to love!


Written by Luiser de la Garza