Some Great Reasons to Take a Vacation

Nadia Pulido

Vacations are fundamental ways to stay balanced and happy, essential for recharging your batteries, and important for your health. Perfect for strengthening bonds with family and friends, and great for exploring new places, along with the following benefits listed below, are all excellent reasons why you should take a vacation:

1. They clear the mind. There's nothing better than freeing your mind, body and soul from the ties of your daily routine. To have a clear mind, free of worries and stress, is one of the best perks of going on vacation.

Vacations clear the mind

2. They broaden your cultural horizons. When you leave your place of origin you'll find new ways of thinking and discover customs that will open your mind and change the way you see the world.

Vacations Broaden Horizons

    3. You learn about a place. When you reach somewhere new you can discover its geography, landscapes, avenues, and monuments first hand, as well as its history and culture.

    Vacations Help you Learn About Culture

    4. You discover customs and traditions. As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". You need to use your judgment to know what to do, how to behave respectfully, and adapt to your new surroundings.

    Discover customs and traditions on vacation

    5. You make new friends. On vacation you'll come in to contact with new people, and after numerous days in a hotel or after asking for advice during your trip, you'll be surprised at how many new friends you'll make in the different destinations.

    Make friends on vacation

    6. You'll be in contact with nature, the sun, the ocean, or just the fresh air. Getting away from work can be good for you, as the sun's rays are essential (in moderation) for the skin and your body in general, while breathing in fresh air is also great, whether you're in a forest or somewhere even more wild.

    Vacations in contact with nature

    7. You can practice different languages. If you're on vacation, it's very likely that you'll meet foreign people who you have to communicate with; you might even go somewhere where they don't speak your language.

    Practice languages on vacation

    8. You strengthen family bonds. If you're going on a family vacation, you'll have lots of time to spend with loved ones. You can even plan your vacations to meet up with parents, brothers or sisters, cousins, and other relatives, strengthening the most important bonds in our lives.

    Strengthen family bonds on vacation

    9. They increase your awareness and adaptability. Accidents can happen and situations can arise that require patience and cool thinking, which is why you'll learn to handle challenges like canceled flights and schedule changes, etc. Sometimes it's good to test your problem-solving skills and ability to adapt to change.

    Vacations increase your adaptability

    10. They give you energy. In addition to fun and entertainment, rest is an essential part of a perfect vacation. Nothing compares to a siesta by the sea, sleeping late in a comfortable room, and taking your time with a good meal as you enjoy the laid-back lifestyle. You'll be able to recharge your batteries and return back to your everyday life with renewed vigor and energy.

    Renew energy on vacation

    What other benefits would you add to this list? Share them with us! Now the only question that remains is…are you ready to take a vacation?

Written by Nadia Pulido