Protecting Your Hair on Vacation

Ana Gabriela López Espinosa

Protecting your hair on Vacation!

Protecting your hair on Vacation!

The ocean breeze cools your face as you hurriedly search for a free lounge chair where you can set your beach bag on one of the fabulous beaches of Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco or Cancun. As you make yourself comfortable in the shade of umbrella and take off your sunglasses, you're ready for a dip in the beachfront pool or the ocean. But… WAIT! Have you prepared your hair? Your hair is often one of the silent victims of the sun, sand, chlorine and salt. Keep hair healthy and follow these simple steps for hair care on vacation.

Protecting your hair on Vacation!Prevention prior to your beach vacation is essential. Make sure to visit your favorite stylist for a trim and preferably a hydrating hair treatment; it would be a catastrophic mistake to show up at the beach with damaged hair and ruin it even more with nature's harsh elements. Some of the larger beach resorts and hotels offer on-site beauty salons that can help you with an emergency trim, but it's better not to wait until the last minute. You can also purchase natural hair products to protect against the heat like the popular coconut oil, perfect for dry hair, giving you beautiful shine and helping to repair, grow and strengthen your locks.

Protecting your hair on Vacation!If you're planning long walks on the beach, don't forget to always bring something to cover your tresses like a lovely straw hat with sufficient shade. For those exciting adventure tours outside the resort, a baseball cap is an ideal option for a sporty style, or even a bandana. This way, you'll stay fresh and cool, and your hair will thank you. Swim caps are a must if you're planning on extensive water sports.

Protecting your hair on Vacation!Before jumping in the pool, wet your hair with tap water since dry hair absorbs the water's chemicals much more quickly. Water from the resort's beachside showers or even a bottle of water will be more than enough to get your hair wet. Tie your hair back to avoid tangles; untangling can be a nightmare afterward, but make sure not to tie it too tight because wet hair tends to break easily. For long hair, a braid or a french braid can make a huge difference. Keep shorter hair in place with bobby pins or cute clips for a fun look. Now you're ready to enjoy healthy hair throughout your vacation!