Quintana Roo: Beaches, Sand, Sea, and Sun

Luis René Figueroa

Quintana Roo Beaches

Quintana Roo BeachesThose who have not had the chance to visit the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, don't know the real charm of the stunning beaches that line this land of the ancient Maya. The beaches of the region have fine white sands and in addition the Caribbean waters have an amazing turquoise color. The northern zone of the state offers a wide variety of astonishing beaches, which aside from being the best in Mexico, are recognized worldwide for their exceptional beauty.

Quintana Roo BeachesThis area, also known as the Mexican Caribbean, includes Cancun, the Riviera Maya and the islands of Cozumel, Holbox and Isla Mujeres, It offers extraordinary beaches with unique characteristics, such as incredibly white sand that always stays cool due to two main reasons. Firstly the composition of the sand is made up of fragments of coral, mollusks and shells, as well as oolites which are sedimentary grains. These particles are mainly present in the composition of the northern beaches such as Cancun, possibly because Quintana Roo's barrier reef ends here. The second reason for the coolness is because the ivory color of the sand actually reflects the solar rays. The small particles of sand are so fine and talc-like, perhaps as a result of the protection the reefs provide to the shoreline, acting as a natural barrier that debilitates the strength of the swell, thus only depositing very fine material on the beaches.

Quintana Roo BeachesAnother important and seductive distinctiveness of the beaches in this southern state, are the crystal clear turquoise waters that have an average temperature of 82F. The unique color of the Mexican Caribbean is due to the temperate and transparent waters, along with its sky-blue tone that when combined with the green vegetation of the shallow marine floor, creates a spectacular and very distinctive turquoise hue, contrary to most of the oceans on the planet where marine blue is dominant.

Quintana Roo BeachesQuintana Roo generally has warm, quite humid weather with rainfall in summer on the mainland. The coldest months of the year are December and January, although the average sea temperature of 82F and a minimum air temperature of 50F, allows for enjoying all sorts of water sports year round. Quintana Roo's beaches are all owned by the government, so they remain open to the public and are easily accessible for tourists. The miles of white sand is extremely well maintained; resulting in clean, litter free and very safe beaches to be enjoyed by everyone.

Although the region has been affected by strong hurricanes in the past, the beaches of the Riviera Maya still remain in excellent condition, thanks to the protection the barrier reef provides against strikes by these tropical phenomena. However, the northern areas of Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Holbox were the most affected and today there are several projects to help repair the beaches of Quintana Roo and return them to their former glory.

Quintana Roo BeachesIn between Isla Holbox, the northernmost point, and the tiny fishing village of Punta Allen, the southernmost geographical point of the Riviera Maya, there is approximately 100 miles of exotic coastline with lots of stunning beaches to choose from. Cancun offers its already world famous shoreline, which Yahoo Travel gives third position to as one of the ''best beaches in the world'', and Isla Mujeres provides its still virgin, white sandy beaches, away from crowds and all the hubbub.

Quintana Roo BeachesThe Riviera Maya is a region with a wide array of wonderful beaches, such as the ones in the small town of Puerto Morelos, Playa del Secreto and Playa Paraiso, or the ones in Punta Maroma that according to Travel Channel are an ''exquisite secret in Mexico''. Also to be explored are the white and always popular beaches of Playa del Carmen, which are ''among the most beautiful in the world'', as reported by the prestigious Forbes magazine. The island of Cozumel, which is home to the second largest reef on the planet, also has stunning beaches and Xcalacoco, Paamul and Xpu-Ha are all favorites with the locals due to their tranquility and natural beauty.

Quintana Roo BeachesThere is also Kantenah Bay with its long, immaculate beaches; the diminutive but beautiful Yalku Inlet; the amazing beaches of Akumal; Xcacel, an ecological reserve where every year arrive hundreds of turtles to lay their eggs; the semi-virgin bohemian coasts of Tulum, which are also mentioned by the Travel Channel as some of the most beautiful on Earth; Boca Paila with its exclusive virgin coast, and finally the southernmost place in the Riviera Maya, Punta Allen, home to a small fishing village with a beach that can only be described as ''Eden''.

Quintana Roo BeachesThe interesting characteristics of the cool, soft, white sand coupled with the turquoise color of the Mexican Caribbean and the areas unsurpassable climate (with an average temperature of 82F) makes Quintana Roo, without a doubt, the place with the most beautiful and exotic beaches in the whole of Mexico, as well as some of the most popular and gorgeous on the entire planet.