Places You Just Have to Visit in the Cancun Hotel Zone

Cristina Terra

Places You Just Have to Visit in the Cancun Hotel Zone

One of the most famous tourist destinations on Mexico's Caribbean coast is Cancun, a city with an excellent tourism infrastructure, shopping malls, diverse cuisine from around the world, and vibrant nightclubs that cater to all tastes. It also offers stunning beaches with white sand and clear, turquoise water.

The Hotel Zone is located on Boulevard Kulkukan. This area is where most people who visit Cancun stay, and where there are lots of fun attractions, activities and museums, all located within minutes of one another.

Wet'n Wild is a fun water park for the whole family, offering fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea. On the premises you'll find Dolphinaris, where you can swim and interact with dolphins in a child-friendly area without currents or waves.

El Rey CancunEl Rey Archeological Site. According to historians, this area was where important religious ceremonies were held, and where people of a high political status lived. The name "El Rey" (The King) came from the upper part of a sculpture found at the site, which is assumed to be the head of someone of a high rank.


Cancun Mayan MuseumThe Cancun Mayan Museum is located at the San Miguelito archeological site and is a great place to discover the rich heritage and cultural identity of the Mayans.



La Isla Shopping Village features innovative architecture, complete with small canals and bridges that give it a Venetian feel, a welcome change from the traditional model of indoor shopping malls. It harmonizes well with its natural setting, offering a wide variety of exclusive stores, gourmet restaurants and entertainment, as well as one of the best vantage points for admiring the sunset in Cancun.

Interactive AquariumCancun Interactive Aquarium is a small aquarium located at La Isla Shopping Village. Here visitors can swim and interact with dolphins, manta rays, and sharks, while also being able to enjoy an incredible show with the intelligent animals and a sea lion.


Forum by the SeaForum by the Sea is considered to be the center of nightlife in Cancun. This is where you'll find the most famous clubs in the area, including CocoBongo, The City, Mandala, Cabana Beach, and Dady'O. It is also the only shopping mall in Cancun with direct access to the beach.


Cancun Scenic TowerThe Cancun Scenic Tower is a panoramic elevator that slowly rises to 80 feet, and offers stunning views of Mexico's Caribbean coast.



Aquaworld Cancun offers an impressive variety of water-based activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing, as well as parasailing and jungle tours.

Written by Cristina Terra