Morelia At Its Best

Juan Pablo Pinzón

Morelia At Its Best

With the anniversary of the founding of the Traditional Candy Market, the Morelia International Film Festival, and the arrival of the Monarch Butterfly to the local MoreliaOyamel Forests, this month is an excellent moment to be visiting the city of Morelia. Those who travel to this beautiful World Heritage Site for the first time will be amazed by the city's quaint colonial atmosphere, filled with historic buildings made of pink Traditional Mexican Candyquarry stone, lovely streets and, above all, warm hospitable people.

The Candy and Crafts Market, a place of long-lasting tradition, is a strong icon for both locals and visitors of this beautiful place. Here you can find every single kind of typical candy and a wide variety of handicrafts. The candies come from all over the region and includes Morelia's most representative dessert, the "ate" (pronounced "ah-teh") a fruit paste similar in taste to jam but with the consistency of a thick jelly, made out of seasonal fruits, Traditional Mexican Candyespecially guava, quince, peach and pear.

Visiting this typical market and acquiring a variety of candies, made using old fashioned techniques, is a journey into the past. Take a walk through the history and culture of an entire state through its traditional candy, which reflects how sweet, smooth, and good-natured the locals are.

Morelia International Film FestivalAlso, during the second week of October, the city will hold the Morelia International Film Festival, a world renowned cinema event. Film buffs, moviegoers, and art enthusiasts should not miss out on this greatfestival, a place to share and promote ideas to build a better, more human reality on the silver screen. Screenings, workshops, conferences, competitions, concerts, and a whole host of interesting and fun activities await you this month in the Morelia International Film Festival.

Monarch ButterflyShortly after the festival, at the end of the month, the arrival of the Monarch Butterfly takes place in Michoacan's forests, ending a journey of more than 3,000 miles from the United States and as far as the Canadian border. Millions of butterflies get to these lands and offer an inspiring spectacle for those fortunate visitors and locals that have the opportunity to visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries, where colonies of these insects stay until the first days of March.

Morelia International Film FestivalThis month, visit Morelia and discover the cultural richness of this city, declared a World Cultural Heritage site by the UNESCO. An exceptional place to visit, it is a must see for those who are interested in the silver screen, the beauty of nature, the arts and local cuisine. Choose one of the hotels in Morelia and spend a memorable vacation full of art, culture, beautiful natural events, lovely architecture, and amiable hospitality. The best in world cinema, the most delicious traditional candy, and one of the most spectacular, inspiring natural events on earth await you in Morelia and its surroundings during this, the best time of year to visit the city. This October, experience Morelia at its best!

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