The Extreme Side of Monterrey

Fernando García Castro

Extreme sports in Monterrey

Monterrey, Mexico VacationsMonterrey isn't only an industrial and economic powerhouse on the rise. It isn't just a city that is proud of its history, culture and technology. It is also the perfect starting point to discover the fascinating sites of the state of Nuevo Leon, a state filled with breathtaking natural beauty that is ideal for outdoor activities and adventure tourism. Fortunately, the craze for extreme sports is growing among the general public here in Mexico, reflecting a multiplying group of people who choose to live a healthier lifestyle.

Extreme sports in MonterreyFrom the Sultana del Norte (Sultan of the North), admire the view that rises before you of the geographic formations of the Sierra Madre, such as the Cerro de la Silla (the Hill of the Saddle), the Obispado (Episcopate) or the peculiar Cerro de "La M" (Hill of the M) that consists of a series of peaks and natural reserves. They make for picture perfect postcards of Nuevo Leon, as well as offer the possibility to enjoy a nice stroll through the forest. Fill your lungs with fresh air and stimulate your heart rate. Even the most adventurous get an incredible rush from activities such as rappel, rafting, rock climbing, spelunking, camping, canyoning and mountain biking. Don't worry if you aren't familiar with these terms because these words are becoming more and more mainstream.

Extreme sports in MonterreyThe dirt paths and the leafy rest stops of the mountain range attract cyclists and hikers, as well as bird watchers, campers and those who like to contemplate the great outdoors. Enjoy the harmony between the forest and the multiple species of animals native to the summit, characteristic of the area. The rivers, the rapids, the cascades, the challenge of the rocky cliffs and incredible natural water slides, created after thousands of years of erosion, are just some of the many gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed on places like the National Park of Cumbres de Monterrey, the Sierra de Santiago or the Ecological Park of the Huasteca. This is a fantastic experience for those who like to let loose and get rid of tension with high energy activities. Take in aerial views of incredible landscapes and search for adrenaline rushes.

Extreme sports in MonterreyNames like "Via Ferrata" and "Matacanes" are very familiar in the extreme sports world here in Mexico and across the border, gaining in popularity among those who don't want to miss out on adventure in the Nuevo Leon's Sierra Madre. One such place, which is on the par with some of the best peaks of Europe (such as the Alps and the Pyrenees), is the Via Ferrata of La Huasteca Park. It is a path with handrails, chains, hooks and other safety precaution measures, all anchored firmly into the steep rock, perfect for those fearless souls who can't resist the temptation of scaling these one-of-a-kind peaks.

Extreme sports in MonterreyThe name "Matacanes" doesn't just refer to a canyon immersed in a mountain range. It is also the name of a route that offers rappeling next to cascades, magnificent natural water slides, caves to explore and a 12 meter drop into fresh water pools that are brilliantly turquoise in color. The voyage through Matacanes, found in the Sierra de Santiago, is known internationally as one of the best experiences for the intrepid sport of canyoning in the world. State and federal authorities of natural area protection strive to make sure that the visitor's safety is first so the recommendation is to get a guide specialized in canyoning excursions.

Extreme sports in MonterreyAnother option is a chain of exciting experiences where you can free fall in a 70 meter drop, in a highest bungee jump in all of Mexico. This jump is located near the Cola de Caballo, an extraordinarily beautiful cascade that has served as the inspiration of multiple photographs and documentaries, making it one of the main attractions in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

Extreme sports in MonterreyFor an experience with much less adrenaline and geared towards a family ambiance (but still with an outdoor feel), come to the Parque Ecologico Chipinque, a beautiful forest where there is a spectacular view of the urban skyline of Monterrey. Or come to the Bioparque Estrella, a park with a rolling expanse where kids with adventurous spirits can find attractions come in close contact with animals from all over the planet. Sundays in Monterrey are usually spent walking around La Presa de La Boca, a dam where you can find multiple activities in and out of the water. There are ATVs, horse and pony rentals for a nice horseback ride, boat rides across the lake, jet ski rentals and even waterskiing.

Outdoor activities in MonterreyIn the options above, make your get-together a little more personal and have a family outing or picnic. In La Boca, take advantage of the locales that sell great food at competitive prices. Eating while taking in the spectacular view of this wonderful site in the great outdoors is a unique experience that you shouldn't miss.

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