The Magic of the Natal Luz Festival in Gramado

Cristina Terra

Natal Luz Gramado

Gramado is a Brazilian city that is particularly charming because of its blend of German and Italian influences, European ambiance, Alpine-style homes and winters that can reach temperatures as low as 32°F. From November through January the city is transformed into a Christmas theme park, hosting the world’s largest event of this type: The Natal Luz (Christmas of Light) Festival in Gramado, which is designed to bring the true spirit and magic of Christmas to people of all ages.

In preparation for the festival, the city is decorated with Christmas trees of all sizes – some enormous – as well as angels, wreaths and other holiday decorations. A surround sound system and special lighting animate the streets and plazas, and a wide variety of shows are performed throughout the nearly 70-day season, including:

Grand Christmas ParadeThe Great Christmas Parade – This parade includes a spectacular sound and light show, dancers, ice skaters, actors and acrobats, a reenactment of the Nativity scene, and an exploration of different cultures and ways of celebrating Christmas. It ends with the emotional moment when Santa Clause arrives on his sleigh.


Chocolate FactoryThe Fantastic Chocolate Factory – A magical blockbuster dance and theater production, on the scale of a Broadway musical, which will delight adults and children alike.



NatalisNatalis – An innovative show that celebrates the birth of Jesus on giant water screens of up to 2,150 sq. ft. It is narrated by a famous Brazilian broadcaster and features extraordinary special effects, dancing fountains and synchronized fireworks.


4d Santa ClausThe Adventures of Santa Claus in 4D – An incredible show on a 13-foot-high by 26-foot-long screen with high-tech features such as, mechatronic animations, stereoscopic video, robotic lighting systems and special effects of aromas, wind, rain, snow, and soap bubbles, along with the most advanced surround sound technology.


Christmas VillaThe Christmas Villa – This is where you’ll find the Santa's Grotto with Santa Claus himself, as well as a craft fair, music performances, an amusement park, a theater and a 3D cinema.



Tannenbaum FestAt the famous Tannenbaumfest, tourists and locals take to the streets to further beautify the city. There is a run and walk, church songs, street theater and reindeer and nutcracker exhibits. There are also performances that take place on the Rua Coberta (Covered Street), such as the traditional Singing Christmas Tree.


Come and enjoy this wonderful Christmas festival in Gramado and take advantage of the opportunity to explore the snow park, taste exquisite cuisine, including delicious traditional chocolates, and visit all of the attractions in the city known as the Switzerland of Brazil in the Sierra Gaucha.

written by Cristina Terra