I Wish You Were Here With Me on Valentine's Day

Yaravi Ramírez

I Wish You Were Here With Me on Valentine's Day

I have been working for a few months now at Best Day Travel, an agency that has given me the chance to find out more about some of the main vacation destinations in Mexico. This is the eighth day of my business trip, and boy, am I enjoying it!

Romantic Dinner

This whole experience would be even more perfect if my beloved husband was here with me. It's almost February 14th, and I miss him more than ever. Visiting all of these romantic destinations that I could share with my soul mate, imagine all we could enjoy together, especially at this special time of year.

We started the journey touring the romantic hotels in Cancun. One night, after finishing a meeting, I took a moment to watch how a couple was enjoying a romantic dinner by the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by candles while enjoying delicious cuisine and relaxing to soothing background music provided by a talented violinist.


Xochimilco tourTo avoid catching the next flight and running back to the love that I missed so much, I decided to head back to the room to prepare for the next day. According to the itinerary, it was going to be an exciting one, full of tours in the Riviera Maya and exploring other incredible places.

The first tour on the itinerary took me by surprise, as I found out that Cancun now has its own tour of Xoximilco! As we traveled along the beautiful canals aboard a traditional "trajinera" (a raft-like boat), I remembered all the good times I'd had celebrating Valentine's Day on the trajineras of Mexico City with my friends and, most of all, with my husband, who was constantly on my mind.


Beutiful Sunset

Feeling incredibly lucky, I found out that the next destination we were heading to was one that I'd never been to before, and, best of all, that we were staying in one of the best hotels in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta.

We went for a walk in this small town, admiring the red-tiled roofs, cobbled streets, and elegant restaurants that make it a perfect place to enjoy with that special person in your life. At the end of the day, after taking in the beautiful sunset, a colleague and I (actually, by now, she was now more of a friend) decided to go out and enjoy a wonderful evening, to forget about work for a while.


Rhythms of the Night

We took the chance to go on a spectacular tour called Rhythms of the Night, during which we spent every second wishing that our soul mates were there with us, enjoying this extraordinary show of dancing to the rhythm of the drums on a pyramid that served as a stage

At the end of the show, we were left open-mouthed when we saw a guy get up determinedly from his table, head to the middle of the stage, and, at the top of his voice, shout "will you marry me?" to his girlfriend. Of course, the romantic atmosphere made it the perfect time for a marriage proposal. Everybody got up to applaud and congratulate them.


Surfing Lesson

The next stop on the trip was to visit the hotels in Los Cabos! This popular destination is famous for its beautiful beaches and the deep blue color of the Sea of Cortez; it's definitely somewhere I'll return with my husband for a summer vacation. There were lots of tours in Los Cabos for me to choose from, however I decided to pick something risky and exciting: a fun surfing lesson! My husband and I always dream about "living the vida loca" on a secluded little beach in Mexico, becoming hippies, and learning to surf.

Without a doubt, this trip has made me realize that my beautiful Mexico is full of fascinating places to share with the one you love, and I wish more than anything that he was right here with me now.