XIII International Festival in Adventure Tourism

Magally Vite

Ecotourism in Chihuahua

Ecotourism in Copper CanyonLocated along the mountain range of the Western Sierra Madre is the state of Chihuahua, the largest state on Mexican soil. This ruggedly beautiful landscape is dominated by high mountains, impressive cliffs, and dry desert plains. This grand state has been home to many flourishing cultures, including Chichimecas, Tepehuanes, Conchos, and Tarahumaras. The Tarahumaras inhabit part of the Sierra Tarahumara.

Extreme Sports in ChihuahuaTo take advantage of the state's magnificent natural beauty, the government of Chihuahua encourages tourism through sporting events. A sports festival was established in 1997, attracting athletes who wished to showcase their skills in a category referred to as "adventure tourism."  The festival was so successful that it continues to draw thousands of competitors who wish to challenge their skills in diverse natural surroundings. Featured events include marathons, a triathlon, mountain biking, rappelling, car racing, and more.

Triathlon in ChihuahuaThe figures from last year's festival show that 2,245 athletes enrolled in this exciting event, drawing 26,970 spectators and generating $20,000,000 pesos. The 2010 XIII International Festival on Adventure Tourism runs from May 14th to October 18th. The International Festival in Adventure Tourism gives you and your family the perfect opportunity to explore the natural scenery of Chihuahua.

International Festival in ChihuahuaWith an array of unique sporting events, participants of all ages and skill levels are welcome to take part in this exhilarating festival. Some of the most exciting and challenging events are listed below.

Children's Race- This special category gives children the opportunity to compete in this exciting festival. Watch with pride as your child crosses the finish line in this fun and exciting race.

Ultra Marathon Canyons- This competition takes place in Guachochi, and is increasingly popular among marathon runners who are up to the challenge of a 37 or 62 mile race. It is interesting to note that the Tarahumaras remain undefeated in this category.

Biking in ChihuahuaHalf-Marathon- The half-marathon is the ideal competition for those who enjoy intense athletic thrills. The rendezvous point is at the summit of Barranca de Sinforosa, where the height of the cliff is 6,000 feet. As you race along a rocky path set amidst incredible landscapes, you may come to believe that the real prize is the opportunity to experience this beautiful mountain terrain.

The Silver Route- With this competition you can show off your ability to handle a mountain bike on challenging terrain. Enjoy incredible scenery while traversing the 52 mile path from San Juanito to Carichi.

Natural Attractions in ChihuahuaAdventure in the Dunes- The geographical diversity that defines the State of Chihuahua is ideal for extreme sports, like biking over sand dunes. This out-of-the-ordinary sport requires balance and strong skills on a bike.

Triathlon- This event demands extreme physical endurance, as participants have to swim, bike, and run to reach the finish line. Awe-inspiring mountains and dazzling blue lakes combine to create a beautiful backdrop for this challenging race.

Many areas of Chihuahua hold events and activities combining eco-tourism with the adrenaline rush of sports. Come and enjoy the wonder and excitement of Chihuahua.