The Fair of San Marcos 2012

Luis Ernesto de la Garza

Feria de San Marcos

Since 1828, the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico, has hosted a fun and vibrant celebration with its annual fair, featuring music, shopping and bullfighting. This fair has been held at Plaza de San Marcos, one of the main attractions in Aguascalientes, since 1848, showcasing matadors, singers and musical groups from all over the world. Come and experience the excitement of Mexico's annual San Marcos National Fair.

Aguascalientes Monumental BullringThis year, from April 20 through May 13, 2012, Aguascalientes will feature running of the bulls, traditional cock fights, food stands, and 100% Mexican handicrafts that display Mexico's cultural beauty, not to mention incredible concerts and shows.

Enrique IglesiasThe fair's international status can be seen with the presence of Japan as this year's guest country, featuring highlights from their culture and cuisine. You can also learn more about Mexico thanks to this year's guest state of Tamaulipas, who will be showcasing their traditional handicrafts, food and culture. Among the fair's main events, matadors and mounted bullfighters like Julian "El Juli" Lopez, Alejandro Amaya, Rafael Ortega, Antonio Lomelin and Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, among many others, will grace the Aguascalientes Monumental Bullring with their presence. Enrique Iglesias will also give a live concert on May 11, at the San Marcos National Fair as part of his "Euphoria" tour.

Yuri in concertThe fair will also host free concerts at the Palenque de Aguascalientes by important Latin artists like Juan Gabriel, Jenny Rivera, Joan Sebastian, Espinoza Paz, Vicente Fernandez, Alejandro Fernandez, Yuri, Pepe Aguilar, Marco Antonio Solis, Gloria Trevi, Maria Jose, los Tigres del Norte and many others. At the Pueblo Theater, you can see artists like Oscar Chavez, Aleks Sintek, Ha Ash, La Internacional Sonora Santanera, Tania Libertad, El Tri, Los Angeles Negros and many more.

Alejandro Fernandez in concertOn April 30, kids can celebrate Mexico's annual Children's Day with a feature lucha libre wrestling show starring Hijo del Santo against Blue Demon. Classical music lovers are sure enjoy the Aguascalientes Symphonic Orchestra on May 6, while techno fans can experience 3 Ball MTY, showing on May 8. All these events will be hosted in the Pueblo Theater.

Pueblo Theater in AguascalientesIf you've never been to the San Marcos National Fair this is a great chance to experience the event, also known as the "Mexico Fair". During your stay, don't miss out on an exciting city tour of Aguascalientes and learn all about this extraordinary destination.



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By Luiser de la Garza