Explore the Mexican Independence Route

César Lozano Díaz
Explore the Mexican Independence Route

Now that we’re getting ready to commemorate another year of Mexican Independence, we invite you to experience the wonders located along the route that was followed by some of the most important figures in the struggle for independence, which led to the creation of a country rich in traditions, color and pride.

Sierra Gorda

Along this route, you can visit the places that played an important role in the Mexican Independence movement, beginning in the village of Bernal in the state of Queretaro, where indigenous groups fought against the settlers. Today, the charms of this "Magic Town" can be seen in the landscapes and customs of the people. This tour also visits the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, a great example of the impressive natural wonders that you’ll find in this part of the country.

The city of Queretaro, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a variety of tourist attractions related not only to the independence movement and Mexican revolution, but also to colonial art and culture, with beautiful churches, museums, theaters, traditions and customs that are the base of Mexican culture.

Queretaro, Los Arcos

This route also visits San Miguel de Allende, with its magnificent cultural centers, museums, craft markets and churches, all with the original architecture of the Independence era.

Guanajuato is an important part of the route and a witness to the struggle, as many Independence battles were staged among the beautiful buildings, charming alleyways and mine systems. You’ll discover a fascinating story in every corner of the city.

Puerto Vallarta, Vista Aerea

Enjoy this exciting historic journey that continues to the Pacific Coast, and the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, where the sun, sand and sea highlight the beauty of Mexico. This route is bursting with Mexican pride and will inspire foreigners seeking to understand the founding of this wonderful country.