BestDay: Creating Awareness for Sustainable Tourism in Mexico

Cesar Lozano Diaz

BestDay: Creating Awareness for Sustainable Tourism in Mexico

Many people and companies think that their only responsibility is to generate profit. They don't worry about the well-being of all involved in their activities or the environment, and they don't see a real advantage in seeking to find a balance with nature.

At BestDay we want to improve the awareness of society and our tourists, so here are some tips that are easy to follow and contribute to conserving the rich bio-diversity of the Earth and improved opportunities for community development, thus supporting sustainable tourism practices in Mexico.

Underwater Eco-Tourism in Mexico

    1. When you plan your trip, choose companies that offer guarantees of quality, along with respect for human rights and the environment.

    2. Use natural resources like water and also electricity with moderation. Remember that they could run out one day.

    3. Try to reduce waste. It is a primary source of contamination.

    4. When you have to get rid of some form of waste, do it in a clean way as indicated in your chosen destination.

    5. If you find yourself in a natural setting, try to ensure that the only mark you leave is your footprint.

    6. If you visit sensitive ecosystems, like coral reefs or the jungle, find out how to do so while minimizing the damage and environmental impact you make.

    7. When you buy gifts and souvenirs, search for products that are expressions of the local culture. This will help the economies and cultural diversity of wherever you are.

    8. Don't purchase flora and fauna protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), or products derived from these species. It is a crime and directly contributes to their extinction.

    9. Enjoy the tourist destination that you have chosen by finding out about the culture, customs, food, and traditions of the local people. Respect and integrate with them, as they have lots to teach you.


Sustainable Tourism
If you follow these recommendations on your next trip you'll be contributing to the development of responsible, sustainable tourism, as well as to a healthier and more caring planet supporting sustainable tourism practices in Mexico.

Sustainable tourism in Mexico should be a priority for everybody, including the government, the companies, the local population, and the tourists who visit.

Written by Cesar Lozano Diaz