Avoid Fraud When You Buy Your Trip Online

José Miguel Almeyda
Evita Fraudes al Comprar tu Viaje por Internet

Buying through online travel agencies is a very easy way to book your vacation. This platform allows us to compare the different options available for accommodation, flights, and tours, so we can pick what best suits our needs.

Lobos Marinos en el Mar de CortésEven though risks do exist, the measures put in place by most renowned travel companies are more than enough to guarantee the security of your transaction when combined with precautions taken by the consumer. This allows you to take advantage of the benefits offered by companies like Best Day Travel, such as interest-free monthly payment plans.


As an online customer you can be the first filter and help avoid fraud. When you reserve a hotel or any other service, the best way to do so is to make the booking on your personal computer, or a device of somebody you trust. Remember to frequently change your passwords, and always use passwords that are difficult to work out, but easy to remember. Avoid using your or another member of your family's name, birthday, or place of birth, as well as any other words or numbers that are directly related to you.

Reserva con Best Day

For your protection, our agency uses software recognized on a global scale that intelligently detects possible fraudulent transactions. Also, purchases made less than 24 hours in advance are red-flagged as possible fraud risks. If necessary, you will be contacted, just to verify and protect your sensitive data. Don't worry! The agents at Best Day Travel will only ask you for the necessary information according to the guidelines of the company's privacy policy. The purpose of this is to guarantee your safety, and to continue to offer you the best travel experience!

Written by José Miguel Almeyda Pulido