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In Durango, the nights are just as exciting as the days. The nightlife options are so numerous and varied that you’re sure to find something to suit every taste. The city offers everything from traditional callejoneadas (folklore shows that take place outdoors), to regular bars and nightclubs where you can dance the night away.

The popular musical genres in Durango include, of course, nortena, banda, and "Pasito Duranguense." There are many places with this type of music in the city, so bring a pair of jeans and a cowboy hat and get ready to dance to the traditional music of the region.

The nightlife in Durango consists of much more than bars, clubs, and dancing to popular music. The city also offers a variety of cultural activities that are extremely popular with locals and visitors, such as concerts, theater, outdoor shows, and a variety of events that take place in the historic center of Durango.



The Callejoneadas provide a space for local artists and musicians to showcase their talents. Every Sunday families and visitors can watch and take part in this colorful display of music and folklore for free at the Cerro del Calvario amphitheater. Thanks to state funding and the work of the Mexican School of Music, today the Callejoneadas feature singers and dancers in this open-air venue that can accommodate up to 800 people. Don’t miss it!

Pasito Duranguense

Pasito Duranguense

This genre of music features a fast tempo, sensual dance moves, and the addition of synthesizers. It’s popular anywhere there’s a party, music, and dancing. Pasito Duranguense got its start in Chicago. The first band of this type was made up of immigrants from Durango, and its popularity has spread to Mexico in recent years.

Theater in Durango

Theater in Durango

The people of Durango enjoy good theater and have developed a special appreciation for the performing arts. Among the many theaters in operation, one of the most impressive is the Victoria Theater because it’s the oldest in northern Mexico and its first feature in 1910 starred Victoria Fabregas. Today, you can enjoy performances of music, dance, theater, cinema, literature, and much more at this and other theaters located throughout the city.

Plaza IV Centenario

Festivals and Concerts

Durango is known for its festivals and concerts, when the streets of the downtown area and the Plaza IV Centenario are filled with music and entertainment. This venue has hosted artists of national and international acclaim, such as Bronco, Ricardo Montaner, and Alejandro Sanz, as well as several philharmonic orchestras that have sweetened many a night with the sounds of violins and harps.



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