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With a versatile climate that ranges from semi-arid to semi-dry, the valley that surrounds the city of Durango is fed by the Sauceda and Santiago rivers, creating an incredible natural setting for kayaking, hiking, rappelling, and fishing. In addition to beautiful scenery, Durango has a rich history that’s woven from the legacy of nomadic tribes, customs imposed by the Spanish, and the expansion into new territories as a result of the introduction of the railroad during the Porfiriato era. All of this history is immortalized in the approximately one thousand buildings that make up the heart of the modern state capital, making Durango an ideal destination for a vacation.

The Movie Industry

The Movie Industry

Due to the varied natural landscape and architecture of the city, Durango, called the Land of Cinema, has captured the attention of film makers, especially for the filming of classic westerns that take place in the desert. After 60 years in the industry, there have been 187 domestic and international films shot in Durango. The ease of obtaining permits and licenses, the availability of trained technicians, and the variety of locations are just a few of the reasons that film makers choose to invest in this corner of Mexico.

Durango Profile

  • A colonial city with close to one thousand predominantly Baroque and Churrigueresque style buildings
  • Known as “the land of cinema” because it offers the ideal setting and infrastructure for film making
  • Located in a valley near the Sauceda River and the Eagle Rock (Pena del Aguila) Dam, in an incredible natural setting that’s ideal for outdoor sports and recreational activities

Things to do in Durango


  • Explore the historic center, either on foot or on a trolley tour
  • Enjoy kayaking, hiking, rappelling, fishing, and much more at Guadiana Park
  • Tour La Ferreria, an archeological site and Cultural Heritage of Durango
  • Experience the nightlife and learn to dance the Pasito Duranguense
  • Visit the Villa del Este and Chupaderos movie sets
  • Take part in a Callejoneada
  • Sample some of the delicious regional cuisine


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