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Welcome to Dallas, Texas, USA

Dallas is located in Texas and its metropolitan area is the largest in the state. The city's economy is mainly based on telecommunications and computer technology. It also features the third busiest airport in the world, the Dallas-Forth Worth Airport, which is also the biggest in the state of Texas since it operates flights to 134 domestic destinations and 37 international destinations.

Skyscrapers, businesses, art, sophisticated shops, culture, entertainment, stories of the Wild West and monuments reflect the myths of the Texan cowboys that characterize this multifaceted city. This is a destination that guarantees a good vacation, shopping trip or out-of-town business meeting, making it an unforgettable voyage, whatever the reason.


Welcome to Dallas, Texas, USA

Dallas is a rich city with variety in all aspects. It has been growing little by little with the contribution of diverse cultures, religions and distinct life styles that have come together to enrich this important city. This mix has given birth to a cultural city, reflected in its arts, monuments, historic buildings, festivals and the variety of cuisine. Downtown Dallas and Fort Worth make up the center of what residents call Metroplex, which (with the other counties of the area) form the metropolitan area in the northern region of Texas. Dallas is divided up into 12 distinct sections, each with its own history and touch, offering a great many places for culture, art, shopping, restaurants, entertainment and fun.

Some of the city's many entertainment districts are: Dallas Arts District, Fair Park, Deep Ellum, Main Street, Greenville Avenue, Knox-Henderson, Uptown, West Village, West End, Oaklawn, Mockingbird Station y Bishop Arts District. Dallas is known for being a leader in business and finance in this southeastern region of Texas. It also has the largest wholesale market in the world called the Dallas Market Center. The city also hosts over 50 commercial fairs which attract over 50,000 visitors from around the world. Likewise, Dallas has the necessary infrastructure to accommodate these kinds of events.


Welcome to Dallas, Texas, USA

In the 16th century, Dallas was inhabited by the Caddos, a group of Native Americans who lived in what is now eastern Texas, western Louisiana and parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma. Around that time, the Spanish declared Dallas as part of the territory of the Viceroy of New Spain. In 1821, however, when Mexico declared independence from Spain, the area became a part of Coahuila and Texas. In 1836, the state of Texas declared independence and formed the Republic of Texas.

In 1841, Dallas was founded by John Neely Bryan, a lawyer and tradesman who intended to build the city as a commerce center between the Native Americans and pioneers. In the mid-1870s, with the arrival of the railroad, it turned into a thriving business town and market center which attracted a lot of immigrants from different countries mainly from France, Germany, England and Switzerland. They came with the sole purpose of setting up businesses in this thriving city. In 1846, Dallas became part of United States territory. Dallas County was established in 1850 and the city of Dallas was declared the capital of Dallas County. This city is also important in contemporary US history. It was here that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in downtown Dallas, in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963 while on a political visit to the state of Texas.

Dallas Now

Welcome to Dallas, Texas, USA

The Metroplex, besides of having all kinds of attractions and restaurants offering different cuisines, it is also known as "Silicon Valley," with more than 5,700 companies of all industry sectors, mainly telecommunications companies like Nortel, AT&T, Nokia, Ericsson, Fujitsu and more. There are also department store corporate headquarters located here, like JC Penney and Neiman Marcus, as well as restaurant chains like Pizza Hut and Chili's. In Dallas, there are also cosmetic companies such as Mary Kay and other companies like Kimberly-Clark, Frito-Lay, Blockbuster and the corporate headquarters of American Airlines.

In 1930, when the giant East Texas oil field was discovered in southeastern Dallas, the city turned into an important place in relation to the oil industry. Many companies were created, such as the important Exxon Mobile Enterprise, whose activities consisted of the processing, conversion and marketing of products derived from oil, as well as natural gas and the manufacture of chemical products and plastics. So, Dallas is also the location of a lot of important companies dedicated to the search and processing of oil and oil by-products. All these companies generate employments and opportunities for those people who live not only in Dallas but also in the state of Texas, making this city an interesting and excellent place to visit for business or on vacations.


Welcome to Dallas, Texas, USA

Some of the skyscrapers have in its plazas monuments that represent western life. You can find statues of horses and cowboys, contrasting with the modern buildings, a good example of which can be found in William Square. Inside impressive reflective glass buildings, there are corporate headquarters and big conventions centers in Dallas.

Amongst the most representative skyscrapers in the city is the Bank of America Plaza, which is the tallest in Dallas and houses the main offices of this bank. This skyscraper is well recognizable because of its green outlined silhouette at night. The Renaissance Tower is the second tallest skyscraper in Dallas and houses the corporate headquarters of Blockbuster. It was also the building that appeared in TV shows like the famous "Dallas". The third tallest building in Dallas is the Comerica Bank Tower. Other outstanding skyscrapers are JP Morgan Chaise Tower and Fountain Place with its incredible prism architecture. The W Dallas Victory Hotel and Residences is where a lot of young millionaires live and the Reunion Tower is one of the main attractions in Dallas. It is a 560 foot tall tower that has 3 levels at the top of the tower, in the shape of a dome. There is an observation area on the first level, where an amazing panoramic view of Dallas and Fort Worth can be admired. The second level features a revolving restaurant and the third, a revolving bar.

Apart from the skyscrapers, Dallas also has areas where old warehouses predominate, mainly in the West End. The architecture is characterized by red brick facades and these buildings are now used as businesses, bars and restaurants.

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