Cusco, Peru

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Nightlife in Cusco, Peru: Nightclubs, Bars & More

Nightlife in Cusco, Peru

With so much tourist activity and travelers drawn in from all over the world, this destination offers nightlife that can accommodate everyone. Varied and always lively, Cusco's night scene offers all sorts of music and styles for such a cosmopolitan group of foreign visitors.

Multiple Options

Nightlife in Cusco, Peru

Within the city, you can find small bars and charming cafes playing calming music in the ideal ambiance for a chat with friends, large nightclubs vibrating with techno beats, and even sophisticated DJ lounges and modern chill-out spots. The scene doesn't end there, since Cusco's nightlife also includes numerous cultural events, picturesque spots for a romantic evening stroll through the lit-up city, and even outdoor camping areas in the beautiful surrounding areas, where you can gaze up into a magical starry sky.

The Atmosphere

Nightlife in Cusco, Peru

Even though there are already various hotspots where you can experience the city's well-established clubs, there are always new options to discover. On each of your trips to Cusco, you'll find many new and renovated nightclubs, lounges and bars. Due to the wide diversity of the people who come to visit this fascinating city, you'll be able to find options for any budget, from spaces that draw in students and backpackers, to exclusive clubs and hotspots catering to the jet set crowd. Within this cosmopolitan, vibrant and relaxing atmosphere, you'll find great places for dancing and entertainment every night of the week, surrounded by fun-loving travelers that keep the nightlife in Cusco going until the early morning hours.

The Music

Nightlife in Cusco, Peru

The music scene in Cusco includes practically every genre imaginable, from pop beats to classic tunes and alternative music. Tropical and Caribbean rhythms are especially popular in this destination, including music like salsa and meringue. These danceable and upbeat genres attract a large percentage of foreign visitors. Some of these establishments also include dance lessons and professional instructors.


Nightlife in Cusco, Peru

Every night, Cusco offers a different option for a night out on the town. If you're not sure where to go, just head on over to Plaza de Armas and you're sure to find someone handing out fliers and invitations to the more popular nightclubs and bars. In Cusco, many clubs include drinks in the cover price, while others don't charge any admission at all. The downtown area of the city has the largest number of venues for enjoying a night out. While walking along the city blocks starting at the main square, you'll come across new, unique nightclubs and bars, most of which tend to fill up with customers.

San Blas

Nightlife in Cusco, Peru

The San Blas area offers some of the city's more exclusive venues, including prestigious restaurants and lounges. In this same part of town, you'll find spots with live music and distinct rhythms like jazz, bossa nova, rock, reggae and funk. San Blas is also known as being one of the areas with the most hotels in Cusco, part of the reason why it's common for area bars and clubs to fill up with international visitors.

San Francisco

Nightlife in Cusco, Peru

The area surrounding Plaza de San Francisco, about three blocks from the main square, is considered the pulse of nightlife in Cusco, offering a few of the best and most well-known establishments in the city. In this area, great cafes and exciting nightclubs draw in locals and visitors alike.

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