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Shopping in Curitiba: Handcrafts, Souvenirs and Malls

Shopping in Curitiba, Brasil

Shopping in Curitiba is definitely more than just making a simple purchase. Here you can visit the thousands of shops of well-known brands that can be found in all the shopping malls around the whole city. Learn about the history of the buildings that now house local shopping centers. Surprise yourself at the diversity of products, services and the numerous locales that this marvelous city has to offer. Among the inhabitants of this beautiful capital, a favorite pastime is going to book stores, which are traditional meeting spots. This is a custom of not only the younger crowd but among people of all ages.

Shopping Mueller

Shopping Mueller Curitiba

This was the first mall in Curitiba and it's been in business for over 25 years. For more than 130 years, this building was a mechanic workshop which repaired coaches and wagons that came and went from the ports of the state of Parana. When the workshop closed down, some business people saw the enormous potential for the building and in 1983, turned it into what is now Shopping Muller. It was also the third shopping center in Brazil to have movie theaters. It is located right in the middle of the city.

Shopping Curitiba

Shopping Curitiba

Located in a historic 18th century building, this structure was previously used as the command base of the Brazilian army, which was later renovated into a modern complex. It offers a healthy balance between cuisine, culture and entertainment. In Shopping Curitiba, shop, enjoy the food and have fun. Breathe in the culture, history and a bit of truly savory food.

Shopping Palladium

Shopping Palladium Curitiba Brasil

Discovering a place where you can find everything you want or need is no longer a figment of your imagination. Palladium is the most important shopping center in Curitiba and in southern Brazil. It has shops, kiosks, an elegant boulevard with restaurants, fast food dining options, as well as a space for diverse cultural attractions, art exhibitions and music. There is also a lounging balcony where you can enjoy some fresh air in a contemporary setting.

Park Shopping Barigui

Park Shopping Barigui Curitiba

Considered one of the most innovative shopping centers in the country, the Park Shopping Barigui is a very modern structure. There is particular attention placed on the client, with a slew of attentive people who are ready to help you in your purchases, everything from providing attention to those with special needs to helping the customer carry their bags of purchases. There is wide variety of international cuisine in the Park Gourmet area, taking care of pretty much any food craving you might have, with Brazilian, Italian, Arabic, Mediterranean, Asian and contemporary cuisine all within reach.

Largo da Ordem Market

Lago da Ordem Market Curitiba

Found in the historic center of Curitiba, the traditional market of Largo da Ordem is a multicultural space that is ideal for buying typical handicrafts from the city. Every Sunday, there is an immense display of products made by local artists. It's a place with a good, open-air vibe, where families, couples and friends walk among hundreds of locales, surrounded by lovely backdrops and many attractions. A fun-filled, colorful Sunday is pretty much a sure deal.

Municipal Market

Municipal Market Curitiba

Inaugurated in 1958, the Municipal Market was transformed into a meeting point for friends and family and became one of the main points of interest of the city, where 55,000 people were visiting weekly. Find hundreds of products and services, along with the major attraction of special beers with different flavors and aromas. You can also find the oldest beer in the world: the Weihenstephaner. The Curitibana Diabolica is another traditional beer that is brewed locally, in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood.

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