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Restaurants in Curitiba: Gastronomy and Typical Cuisine

Restaurantes in Curitiba Brazil

The inhabitants of Curitiba consider the art of cooking and cuisine to be an integral part of their culture. As the ecological capital of Brazil, the main source of food and ingredients for local cuisine can be found in the surrounding natural environment, along with local ranches selling fresh products that are good enough to take home as a souvenir, including cheeses, salamis, wines, etc.

One of the area's most traditional dishes is "Barreado", made with beef, bacon and spices. Preparation for this dish requires up to 20 hours in a clay pot, set over a low flame. While it's cooking, the meat begins to break up, forming a delicious thick stew. This traditional meal is typically accompanied by plantains, orange, rice and cassava flour.

In Curitiba, you can experience a variety of specialties from all over the world, all while surrounded by spectacular landscapes.

Estrela da Terra

Estrela da Terra Curitiba Brasil

Specializing in traditional food from the state of Parana, this restaurant serves exceptional dishes from all over the state. Estrela da Terra is set inside an old mansion built in 1919, which today forms part of Curitiba's historicheritage. Here you can savor history by trying some of the most deliciousdishes in the region, like rice with lamb, "quirera da lapa" (mashedcorn with smoked pork ribs), and desserts made with fruits like plantain and passion fruit.

Mangiare Felice

Mangiare Felice Brasil

This restaurant, serving traditional Italian food, opened in 1995. It offers a cozy, cheerful ambiance and a menu filled with avariety of pastas, meats and seafood, along with a carefully selected winelist. Mangiare Felice also features exclusive limousine service, picking up itsguests from their hotel and bringing them back after their meal with no additional cost.


Taisho Curitiba Brasil

With spacious and charming areas decorated in a sophisticated Japanese-inspired style, this restaurant offers a sushi and sashimi buffet, along with a wide variety of other dishes and desserts. It has a special event area with a tatami for up to nine guests. Customers can watch as their food is prepared before their eyes.

Batel Grill

Batel Grill Paraná Brasil

Offering a buffet filled with meats and Italian pastas, along with an impressive salad bar, Batel Grill is situated in the traditional barrio of Batel. This restaurant is the ideal spot for a relaxing evening. Enjoy sporting events on the big screen television, along with a play area for kids.

Tempero de Minas

Tampero de Minas Curitiba

Set inside an old house that's considered part of Curitiba's historic heritage, located downtown, this restaurant specializes in delicious cuisine from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. It serves an extensive buffet with more than 40 dishes set on a wood-fired grill in the middle of the restaurant. After enjoying the food, you can relax and enjoy a nap in one of the many hammocks set up in the beautiful wooded area behind the restaurant.

Lellis Trattoria

Lellis Trattoria Brasil

This is a gathering spot for those who love Italian cooking, along with some of Brazil's bohemian crowd. An evening here will transport you to a romantic place of serenatas and family gatherings, set in the ambiance of a traditional Italian home, complete with live music. Lellis Trattoria also has a temperature-controlled wine cellar with excellent choices to compliment your meal.

Chapeu de Palha

Chapéu de Palha Paraná

With experience that goes back 20 years, the house specialty here is the seafood buffet, without a doubt its main draw. For those who prefer to order a la carte, the restaurant offers a wide variety of menu items and quality side dishes. If you love seafood, make sure to stop by this cozy restaurant.


Babilônia Paraná

Babilonia is open 24 hours a day, specializing in international cuisine. Inside, you'll find Miss Saigon (serving Asian dishes), Emporio Babilonia (gourmet food) and Expand Store (specializing in wines).

Avenida Paulista Pizza Bar

Avenida Paulista Pizza Bar Curitiba

Located in a historic building in downtown Curitiba, this pizzeria is the only one that serves four different kinds of dough: fine, traditional, crispy and whole wheat. There are more than 40 specialties, including desserts, along with a temperature-controlled cellar with an excellent wine selection. The restaurant's decor combines rustic and sophisticated elements for a unique ambiance.

Saanga Grill

Saanga Grill Curitiba

Selected seven times as the best churrascaria in Curitiba, Saanga Grill is a cozy spot with friendly service, where the customer selects a type of meat from the menu, which is then served with side dishes and charged according to weight. Keep in mind that you'll have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for any choice since the cuts of meat are cooked on the spot, but it's well worth the wait!

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