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Attractions in Curitiba, Brazil: What to do and where to go

Discover the City of Curitiba!

Discover why so many travelers choose to visit this important Brazilian city over other destinations. Curitiba offers an endless number of exciting options for learning about Brazilian culture and the history of this part of the country. The area is overflowing with architectural interest, archaeological sites from the Guarani culture, shows, museums, cultural centers, parks and many more opportunities to turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

In winter time Curitiba is an amazing place to visit, reminiscent of a beautiful northern European city. Often referred to as the "Ecological Capital of Brazil", Curitiba has a pleasant climate year round and four clearly defined seasons. Friendly and elegant are the words that best describe the vibrant city of Curitiba.

Linea Turista

Tour the City of Curitiba

A little more expensive than others in the city, this excellent transportation service is a comfortable and convenient option for people who want to get to know Curitiba's main tourist attractions in about two hours. There are lots of stops located throughout the city, and you are free to hop on and off as many times as you like. The service is available from Tuesday to Sunday, departing from Praca Tiradentes, where you'll also find the Cathedral Basilica of Nossa Senhora da Luz, inspired by the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Opera de Arame and Pedreira Paulo Leminski

Opera in Curitiba, Brazil

Opened in 1992, the Teatro Opera de Arame has two sections. The first part, located on a beautiful lake, was built as a tubular metal structure with a transparent roof, and has capacity for 1600 people. It is mainly used for artistic and cultural exhibitions.

The second section, called Leminski Pedreira Paulo, is surrounded by endemic vegetation and a 100 foot high rock wall. Many national and international shows have taken place at this huge outdoor arena, which has a capacity for more than 30,000 people. Some of the world's most famous musicians have played here, including AC/DC, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Bjork and Iron Maiden, among many others.

Largo da Ordem

Travel with your family to Curitiba

Famous for its bohemian atmosphere that emanates from the bars that surround it, this square is full of ornate eighteenth century buildings. One of these is the Igreja da Ordem Terceira de Sao Francisco das Chagas, which is the home of the Museum of Sacred Art, Casa Romario Martins, Garibaldi Hall, the Curitiba Memorial, as well as the huge murals made of tiles, created by the Curitiba street artist Poty Lazaroto Curitiba. The beautiful Flower Clock is also here, which operates on a quartz base.

Rua das Flores

Experience Curitiba's tradition and excitement in Brazil

This was the first pedestrian boardwalk built in the country. Besides being the main street of the city, it is also an important commercial area. One building that really stands out is the Avenue Palace, which is where one of the most beautiful of the city's traditions takes place each year: the Natal Encantado. Every Christmas 150 orphans perform a recital that usually attracts more than 200,000 locals and tourists from around the country. If you are in Curitiba at Christmas time make sure you don't miss the show!

Jardim Botanico

Discover Brazil's vegetation in the Botanical Garden

The Fanchette Rischbieteres Botanical Garden covers more than sixty acres, featuring wooded areas, gardens, and a beautiful greenhouse that houses over 50 species of aquatic flora from the Atlantic. There are also sports fields, a biking arena and spaces for seasonal art exhibits. Here, you'll find an amazing library and an auditorium for concerts and theatrical performances, inspired by London's Crystal Palace. This place is a great option for a day out during your visit to the city.


Ecotourism in Morretes Parana, Curitiba

This small colonial city is situated about forty miles from Curitiba at the foot of the Sierra de Graciosa mountains, which are considered to be one of the main entrances to the Pico do Marumbi State Park, a famous site for excursions and mountain biking. Visiting Morretes is truly an adventure; you can get there by car or by bus, but trains are also available so that travelers can take in the amazing landscapes.

This train ride travels 95 miles, over 30 bridges and through 14 mountain tunnels. During the journey you can enjoy a private car that has windows offering panoramic views of the beautiful landscapes, including mountains, the ocean and spectacular waterfalls. Morretes is famous for "Barreado" a traditional local dish made of meat cooked in a clay pot, and also for its impeccably preserved historical buildings.

Museu do Automovel

Visit the Automovil Museum in Curitiba

This museum opened in 1968 as the headquarters for the Parana Automobile and Mechanical Antiques Club (CAAMP), bringing together an important automobilist heritage that continues to grow every day with donations from the members of this club. The collection is publicly displayed in Parque Barigui (Barigui Park), where you'll come across treasures such as Emerson Fittipaldi's 1974 Mclaren, a 1919 Ford Model T, or the 1972 presidential Cadillac.

Museu Oscar Niemeyer

Contemporary Art in Curitiba, Brazil

Here, you'll find important contemporary plastic arts that are considered to be native and local heritage. The museum also displays the scale models and sketches of architect Oscar Niemeyer, who revolutionized the world's architecture with his innovative shapes; in fact, the museum was even designed by Niemeyer himself, so you can explore the strange architectural forms that seem to defy physics and logic, which have made this artist famous.

In addition to this fascinating museum, you can also visit:

  • The Railway Museum
  • The Museum of Perfume
  • The Bonecos Theater
  • The Expedition Museum
  • The Museum of Sacra Art
  • The Museum of Parana Art

Parks and Woods

Parks and forests in Curitiba

Being one of the main world capitals dedicated to the study and preservation of the planet's natural ecosystems, this city houses many parks ("parques") and woods ("bosques"). Within these, you'll come across cultural centers, universities, museums and even religious centers that have been integrated into the natural landscape, showing the sustainable urban development in harmony with nature. The following are a few examples:

  • Parque Barigui
  • Bosque Alemã
  • Parque Sao Lourenzo Parque dos Tropeiros
  • Parque Municipal do Passaúna
  • Parque Tangua
  • Parque Tingui
  • Parque Estatal do Marumbi

The Guaira Theater

Breathe in Curitiba's culture

A cidade de Curitiba definitivamente respira cultura, é uma das mais enfocadas no desenvolvimento artístico da comunidade. Conta com um dos maiores e mais importantes teatros da América Latina: o Teatro Guaíra. Com capacidade para 2.173 pessoas, este teatro foi inaugurado no ano de 1884. É a sede da Orquestra Sinfônica do Paraná, do Balé Teatro Guaíra, do Teatro Amador, da Escola de Dança Clássica, do Teatro de Bonecos e de uma biblioteca.

Other major Curitiba theaters, where festivals and all kinds of exhibitions and shows held throughout the year, are:

  • The Lala Schneider Theater
  • The HSBC Theater
  • The Opera de Arame Theater
  • Theater Paiol
  • Theater Positivo
  • The Theater of Caixa
  • Monte Fernanda Black Theater
  • The Regina Vogue Theater
  • The Reitoria Theater

Panoramic Tower

Visit the Panoramic Tower in Curitiba, Brazil!

The Panoramic Tower is located at the highest point of Curitiba, in the Merces neighborhood. It measures a staggering 360 feet high and belongs to a Brazilian telephone company. Without a doubt it is the best place to enjoy a 360 degree view of the city and you'll be able to see most of Curitiba's landmarks. In addition, at the entrance of the building you can visit the Telephone Museum, where you can learn all about the history of telecommunications in Brazil.

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