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Welcome to Curitiba

Curitiba is the capital of the state of Parana in Brazil and has become a commercial force in the south of the country that is to be reckoned with. This city is located in the largest financial center in the southern region of Brazil, making it the most important city in the area. If you come to shop, for either business or for items of personal use, you'll most definitely have a very productive journey here.

Better known as "The Ecological Capital of Brazil", Curitiba is one of the country's most beautiful cities due to its impressive cleanliness, which can be seen throughout the city. You'll love taking a relaxing walk through its streets, or even a tour of its museums, shopping centers and well-tended parks. The city is also considered an important cultural capital since it's one of the Brazilian cities with the most theaters and performance space.

Due to the above characteristics, along with great hotel infrastructure and entertainment venues, tourism has become one of the city's main sources of income over the course of the past few decades.


Welcome to Curitiba

Curitiba occupies an area of about 280 square miles where you can find archeological zones of the ancient Guarani, colonial buildings from the 18th and 19th century and modern, futuristic constructions built by important architects. There are many green areas and since the population density is low, it provides for a higher standard of living. There are many shopping centers and because of the fact that there are many important brands that have their head offices here, you can also find a good variety of products at competitive prices.

Welcome to Curitiba

The average temperature in the summer months is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the winter is normally 55 degrees Fahrenheit (the coldest it'll ever get in Brazil), due to the fact that it's 908 meters above sea level. It is an excellent place to have a stroll and enjoy each moment of your trip. Don't forget to take an umbrella along because there is a high chance of rain all year round.


Welcome to Curitiba

The city was founded in 1654, within the region called Campos de Curitiba. It was originally called Nossa Senhora da Luz e Bom Jesus dos Pinhais. It was originally founded as a mining camp that produced mainly gold but the city grew steadily and in 1853, became the city of Curitiba, the state capital. Since the 19th century, there had been a strong stream of immigration from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Poland and other European countries. During the 20th century, there were a great number of people who migrated from Asia and the Middle East, creating a deeply cosmopolitan metropolis, which can be seen in its architecture, cuisine and religion.

Welcome to Curitiba

Curitiba was named the Culture Capital of the Americas in 2003 by the Organizacion de Estados Americanos (Organization of the States of the Americas) and has won various prizes for its implemented ecological norms. It's not a surprise to discover that the people of this city are intellectual and very respectful, a true pleasure for both locals and visitors.

Ecology and Urbanism

Welcome to Curitiba

This city is important in terms of environmental issues and technological development that allows for social sustainability and was recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1990. If you are interested in environmental matters, enjoy visiting this cosmopolitan city that has a very effective program of waste collection and recycling.

In the city, there are 30 large parks that the locals literally call "bosques" (forests), due to its size, as well as its flora and fauna. There are close to 350 plazas that have impeccable gardens that flaunt all sorts of specimens, cultivated and protected by the city and the people, customs that have been passed down from generation to generation to protect the environment.

Welcome to Curitiba

The public transportation system of the city is also very impressively user-friendly. It's accessible in nearly all parts of the city and is very effective. The bus stops are designed to integrate the urban landscape with a modern, tubular design. Each stop is surrounded by fabulous attractions so leave your hotel, put on some comfortable shoes and discover this fantastic city from one end to the other.

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