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Whether you're visiting for business or for pleasure, just browsing or when you need something special, you'll find it in Culiacan, as it offers everything from small traditional stores to large sophisticated shopping malls.

Standout products include Sinaloan handicrafts, which are known for their great quality. You'll also find other treasures like ceramics, wickerwork, and leather goods in the different art galleries and stores of Culiacan.


Shopping in Culiacan - Cocomex

Cocomex is the largest and most modern crocodile farm in Mexico, and the main one in the northeast of the country. Here they breed crocodiles and sell products derived from them, including decorative items and leather goods like handbags, belts, and wallets. You can purchase crocodile meat here, a delicacy with a lower fat and cholesterol content than chicken. Likewise, you can buy crocodile oil, which is a powerful medicine against numerous respiratory diseases.


Shopping in Culiacan - Cocomex

If you visit the farm, which is just over 10 miles from Culiacan, from October to April, you'll also be able to take a guided tour. This way you'll be able to explore the farm and find out more about the life of the crocodiles and the daily life at Cocomex. The farm has more than 25,000 crocodiles, which reproduce in captivity in a similar setting to their natural habitat. In fact, a certain percentage of the animals bred every year are destined to repopulate the regions where the species is in danger of extinction, doing their bit for crocodile conservation.




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