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The nightlife in Culiacan is full of variety. You can find cultural and artistic things to enjoy along with modern clubs with packed dance floors. The city has an active nightlife, with a wide variety of concerts, exhibitions, theater shows, and cultural events popular with locals and tourists alike. You'll usually find the city's younger generation heading to fashionable nightclubs at the weekend, where they party until the early hours of the morning.

Dancing Fountains

Nightlife in Culiacan

Located in a commercial area close to the downtown of the city, the Dancing Fountain choreography always brings a lot of joy and creates a real buzz. On hearing the music, you'll find that people passing by will start dancing, while others just watch from the stands and on artificial rocks to enjoy the show. The site can comfortably hold up to 300 people. Once the water starts flowing, you'll be amazed by the show before your eyes and the changes in music.

Controlled by a computer, the fountains, lights and sound combine in perfect synchrony to create an incredible spectacle. There are only four of this type of fountain in the world: in Las Vegas, Santiago, Genova and Culiacan.


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