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Culiacan Cathedral

Culiacan Cathedral

The construction of this cathedral started in 1842, but it wasn't until 1885 that the work was completed. This enormous structure features an eclectic style, characteristic of the neo-Classic and baroque period. A statue of Saint Michael crowns the main facade, standing over the clock. The cathedral is the most important religious monument in the city and is located next to Plaza de Armas.

Genaro Estrada Cultural Center

Genaro Estrada Cultural Center in Culiacan

The State Government created this center for cultural activities such as dance, cinema, and literature in the mid '60s. It has a colossal theater that boasts the latest technology and is used by theater, musical, and dance companies from all over Mexico. The center also has a renowned art school, a large library, a movie theater, a gallery with murals made by Diego Rivera, and an area for outdoor performances.

Sinaloa Science Center

Sinaloa Science Center

The Sinaloa Science Center in Culiacan offers visitors lots of different ways to find out more about science and technology. It is full of surprises and provides answers to some important questions. Here you'll enjoy the experience of seeing, hearing, touching, experimenting, and reflecting, as well as of interacting with technology. You can also admire one of the largest meteorites in the world or learn how to tell the time on an equatorial clock.

Guadalupe Sanctuary

Guadalupe Sanctuary in Culiacan

This church, which is also known as "La Lomita", was built in the 19th century, but underwent renovations to become what it is today in the middle of the 20th century. It features two structures that look like they descend from the sky, with an architectural design related to hyperbolic paraboloids. Inside it is embellished with five extraordinary stained glass windows with images of Our Lady of Guadalupe. From the railings of the church you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Culiacan.

MASIN - Sinloa Art Museum

MASIN - Sinloa Art Museum

Built at the beginning of the 19th century, this structure originally housed the city hall, and then the Culiacan Police Department, before being restored in 1991 and turned into a museum. This neo-Classic building displays works by Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, Atanasio Vargas, Gerardo Murillo "Dr. Atl", Francisco Toledo, and Rufino Tamayo, among others.

Hunting Tourism

Hunting Tourism in Culiacan

In recent years Culiacan has experienced a rise in hunting tourism and has earned worldwide recognition for its hunting, with people looking to hunt species like duck, quail, and pigeon. The hunting season in Culiacan stretches from the beginning of November to the start of March. There are numerous hunting camps and clubs close to the city, like Patolandia and La Pichiguila, which offer first class services. The region's natural beauty allows fans of the sport to enjoy a private, exclusive hunting experience.

Imala-Sanalona Eco-Tourism Corridor

Imala-Sanalona Eco-Tourism Corridor

Imala is a small town just 20 minutes from the city of Culiacan. It is famous for having an area with hot springs, varied regional cuisine, and a spa that offers relaxing treatments. Thanks to its proximity to the city and its family-friendly atmosphere, it is an excellent place to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing day out. You'll find the Sanalona Dam near Imala, a great place for sport fishing or a tranquil boat ride. The Imala-Sanalona eco-tourism corridor is an excellent choice for people looking to take a trip to the great outdoors.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden in Culiacan

At the Botanical Garden you can take a walk along lush green trails, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy a relaxing time. Offering an impressive variety of species, it is one of the most important botanical gardens in the country, with specimens from all corners of Mexico. Here you'll find extraordinary species, like a tree that "walks", a plant that "bleeds", and other exotic specimens from different climates, from the rainforest to the dessert. There are different types of guided tours available here that will help you to find out more about the wide range of plants that inhabit the park's 25 acres.

Culiacan Zoo

Culiacan Zoo

The zoo is an attraction that will particularly fascinate younger visitors to the city. Here you'll find a diverse array of animals, some of which are in danger of extinction. There are guided tours available and a train for the children, as well as a food court and other useful services. The zoo forms part of the enormous park known as Centro Civico Constitution, where there are a number of recreational facilities, including a museum, an acoustical shell, swimming pools, and various sports courts.

City Parks

Culiacan Parks

The city of Culiacan has an impressive number of parks and green areas. Some of them are enormous, like Ernesto Millan Escalante Park, also known as Culiacan 87 Park, which offers swimming pools, gardens, sports courts, mechanical rides, and an artificial lake where you can enjoy fun boat tours. The park also has a formidable outdoor theater and one of the largest slides in the north of Mexico. During your time in the city you can visit the parks Revolucion and Centro Civico Constitucion, where you'll find the city's zoo. The parks of the city offer a fun adventure for your kids, as well as a place for adults to relax and unwind.

Water Parks

Water Parks in Culiacan

Close to the city you'll find fun oases that are great for an exciting day out. Given that Culiacan has a hot climate and clear sunny skies during a much of the year, the city is an ideal spot for water parks, and there are a number in the area. Enjoy swimming pools with waterslides, children's playgrounds, lovely gardens, restaurants, and gift stores, all in lush natural surroundings.

Tram Tours

Tram Tours in Culiacan

You can enjoy a fun tour of the city on board a traditional tram during the day and even in the evening, making for a great way to explore the main attractions of Culiacan. On the way you'll find out more about major events and places, as you hear curious facts and interesting stories.

Nuevo Altata

Nuevo Altata

Nuevo Altata is a relatively new tourist development located about 40 minutes from Culiacan, on the Sea of Cortez coastline. Offering more than 10 miles of beautiful beaches, Nuevo Altata is a world-class place to enjoy relaxing, having fun, and sampling delicious food. Here you'll find an excellent beach club, restaurants, swimming pools, water sports, entertainment, and a lot of activities, both for children and adults alike.



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