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Culiacan is the capital of the state of Sinaloa and is known as "The Breadbasket of Mexico" for its high level of agricultural production. The land here is extraordinarily fertile and it has a developing economy, mainly as a result of successful farming and an active commercial infrastructure. Culiacan combines the provincial lifestyle to perfection with modern comforts, and it's the commercial, political, and social heart of the state. The city is irrigated by three rivers, two of which, the Humaya and the Tamazula, converge in the city to form the third, the Culiacan.

Fertile and Industrial Lands

Vacations and travels to Culiacan

The city is known for the impressive cultivation of its valley, and agriculture plays a big part in the economy. In addition to the rivers, the area is home to large hydraulic constructions like dams and irrigation channels. The main products that are exported from the region are tomatoes, pumpkin, chili, cucumber, potato, melon, watermelon, and mangos. Other products popular in the area include sugarcane and grains like beans and corn.

The city has a hot climate with a high level of humidity, especially in the summer, ideal conditions for agricultural production. Culiacan is also home to food production as well as textile, bottling and machinery industries. Other relevant industries include fishing and cattle.

Vacations and travels to Culiacan

The beauty of this territory and the surrounding area is complemented by an abundance of natural resources and the warmth of the people. This is why they say that the people of Culiacan "harvest smiles" in addition to a wide variety of agricultural produce!

Culiacan Profile

  • Political capital of the state of Sinaloa
  • Industrial, commercial and business city.
  • Humid climate, ideal for agriculture
  • A city with numerous rivers and dams perfect for recreation, fishing, and relaxation.
  • Dynamic economy with attractive investment opportunities
  • Numerous business hotels for all travel budgets
  • Active artistic and cultural life seen in the museums and cultural spaces.
  • Colorful traditions and typical dances like the "Tambora", the most characteristic of local folklore.
  • Surrounded by areas of great natural beauty

Things to do in Culiacan

  • Visit the historic downtown area to see the cathedral, the municipal palace, and other colonial-style buildings.
  • Admire the dancing fountains, a music, light, and water show comparable to those found in Las Vegas, Santiago, and Genova.
  • Have fun in the different parks, the botanical garden, the zoo, and the Science Center.
  • Take part in meetings or congresses, or close deals in the city's business hotels.
  • See the art available at the theaters, museums, galleries, and cultural sites.
  • Visit the surrounding area and discover the region's impressive natural beauty.
  • Go sport fishing at the numerous rivers and dams in the area.
  • Try some of the delicious fresh fruit and vegetables produced in the region.
  • Enjoy hunting at one of the nearby well-equipped hunting clubs and camps.


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