Cuiaba, Brazil

Shopping in Cuiaba, Brazil: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Cuiaba, Brazil

Cuiaba has many modern shopping centers along with small shops for clothing and traditional artisanry, selling handmade items from all over the state of Mato Grosso. As an important city and a state capital, many internationally known clothing brands also have exclusive boutiques set up here.


Shopping in Cuiaba, Brazil

Handicrafts in Cuiaba reflect the lifestyle of the artisans as well as everyday traditions, making each piece truly unique. To buy authentic artisanry, make sure to visit the city's Historic Center, where many shops specialize in diverse products, especially those made by the state's indigenous population. You'll find ceramics, viola de cocho (a traditional local instrument made by artisans to accompany regional dances) and other musical instruments, baskets, bags, sculptures, and masks made of wood and clay. Hand embroidery is also popular, bringing out stunning colors used to create images of everything from macaws to bright native flowers. Fruits, seeds and other natural elements from the jungle are also used to create true works of art.

Shopping in Cuiaba, Brazil

Artindia Funai:

Artisanal wood-carved pieces made with natural elements by the region's indigenous communities.

Comunidade de Sao Gonzalo:

A local community filled with artisans, ceramic artists, hammock makers and singers.

Casa Museu do Artesao:

Displaying handicrafts from all over the state, with many exhibits available for purchase.

Pedra Papel e Tesoura:

A space specializing in using recycled materials as a source for artistic inspiration

Shopping Centers

Shopping in Cuiaba, Brazil

The diverse malls and shopping centers in the city of Cuiaba offer shopping as well as culture, relaxation and fun for all ages. These modern spaces are filled with shops for every style and budget, with a wide variety of options for tourists and locals alike. They also feature restaurants, movie theaters and other extra services. Pantanal Shopping: The largest mall in the region with the best dining in the city, featuring a fun kids area

Shopping in Cuiaba, Brazil

Shopping 3 Americas:

Featuring a sculpture and painting display showing the history of Cuiaba and the state of Mato Grosso.

Goiabeiras Shopping:

The city's most upscale shopping center.

Cuiaba Las Shopping:

Specializing in decor, furnishings and items for the home.

Shopping Popular:

An open fair selling all sorts of products.

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