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Welcome to Cuiaba

Cuiaba is the ideal place to have fun, relax and discover very interesting cultural aspects that are particular to this city. With an active nightlife, Cuiaba offers optimum infrastructure with excellent gastronomical and lodging options.


Welcome to Cuiaba

The capital of Mato Grosso, also known as the Green City, is located in the heart of Latin America. It is where three of the most important ecosystems meet: the Pantanal, the Amazon and the Cerrado (a large region of Brazilian tropical savannah). The climate of Cuiaba is humid and hits its yearly temperature high from August through October.

Welcome to Cuiaba

It was founded on April 8, 1719 and was officially made a city on September 17, 1818. Several years afterwards, on August 28, 1835, it was made the state capital. The immense history of this city can be seen in the beauty of it cultural heritage in places like churches, mansions, palaces and museums.

Festivals and Folklore

Welcome to Cuiaba

Cuiaba has a very unique culture, which comes out in the festivities that the town holds, a mix of colors and fantastic figures. Festivities like that of the Senor Divino (Divine Lord) and San Antonio during the months of January and July, respectively) exhibit faith and the joy of celebrating the patron saint of the city. There is also the night of San Juan, also known as the Fiesta Junina (the June Festival).

Welcome to Cuiaba

Among the folkloric dances, there is the "Siriri", the "Cururu", the "Cangada", the dance of Sao Gonzalo, the "Boi da Serra" and many others. The "Rasqueado Cuiabano" is one of the most traditional artistic manifestations of the area. Both music and dance of the Rasquado have a mix of rhythms that are traditionally from Cuiaba, like the Cururu, the Siriri and the "Polca" of Paraguay. The traditional "Viola de Cocho" and other typical instruments are always present on the dance floor, usually played by the older generation as well as by children, who are taught from a very young age to preserve local tradition.

Tourist Information

Welcome to Cuiaba

In the Palacio Alencastro, the city hall of Cuiaba, you can find the tourist office, where the visitor can obtain information on the main tourist attractions of the city.

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