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Cuernavaca Handicrafts

When a destination is the site of significant historical and cultural events, the inhabitants often express their experiences and feelings in some creative fashion. Such is the case in Cuernavaca which is famous for its traditional handicrafts and handmade products created by local artisans.

Markets like the ones located on Blvd. Hidalgo and Avenida Juarez in downtown Cuernavaca are an excellent source of beautiful handicrafts expertly created with ceramics, silver, wood, leather and rich, high quality fabrics.

Handmade sandals in Cuernavaca

Leather goods sold in the city have a high standard of excellence, including unique sandals that are traded internationally. Other high-demand products include oil paintings, blown glass, furniture, wooden sculptures and crafts made from palm leaves.

Art and Crafts in Cuernavaca

Artisan mirrors in Cuernavaca

Whether you’re looking for a simple souvenir or elaborate artwork to decorate your home, there are specialist stores that can meet your needs. Artesanias Azahares has more than 30 years of tradition and experience selling furniture and decorative art as well as offering both national and international shipping. The Craft Market, located right beside the Palace of Cortes, is where you’ll find pottery, Amate artwork, silver, textiles and much more.

Shopping Malls

Galerias Cuernavaca Shopping Mall

Cuernavaca also has major shopping malls where you can buy everything from souvenirs to a true work of art. Although there are various malls located throughout the city, Galerias Cuernavaca and Plaza Cuernavaca are the most popular ones.

Tlayacapan Clay

Tlayacapan Clay

Tlayacapan, Morelos is known for its clay production, using it to create everything from photo frames to candlesticks, ashtrays, dishes and fountains. These crafts are sold each November at the Barro de Tlayacapan Fair, where attractions include music and dance performances as well as film, theater and craft shows. Don’t miss out on the chance to attend the fair and purchase quality crafts at affordable prices during your visit to Tlayacapan.

Tepoztlan Craft Market

Tepoztlan Craft Market

Each weekend in the village of Tepoztlan one of the narrow streets becomes a busy craft market where you can find traditional artwork and souvenirs from around the country. Traditional Tepoztlan crafts include little houses carved from pochote spine, a parasite that grows in the bark of some local trees. The carvers who produce these delightful handicrafts also apply their skills to the creation of furniture.

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