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Costalegre is a wonderful region rich in natural resources, leading to a cuisine that is varied and flavorsome. Likewise, the waters here are full of marine species that are prepared in the restaurants by expert Mexican chefs. The area is also known for its impressive coastline, its coconut plantations, sugarcane fields, and fruit orchards.

A number of refreshing drinks are made from the region's tropical fruits, including pulque (an alcoholic drink made from maguey), tepache (a fermented beverage made from pineapples), punch, and tejuino (corn beer). Other treats include candies made from guava or quince, and the famous "cocadas" (traditional coconut candies).

You'll find excellent restaurants in Barra de Navidad, whether you are looking to enjoy a romantic dinner, or just a meal with friends. Despite the fact that Melaque only has a few restaurants, it does have a large amount of thatched-roof "palapas" on the beach that serve seafood and regional cuisine. You can enjoy delicious food at great prices in all the friendly towns that make up Costalegre.  


Cuisine in Costalegre

With such an impressive array of fish and seafood, it is not surprising that there is a lot of seafood restaurants along this 100-mile stretch of coastline. Here you'll find something for all tastes, including ceviche, octopus in its ink, spicy shrimp, and seafood soup, as well as popular dishes like shrimp with coconut.




The Favorites

Originally from the state of Nayarit, "pescado zarandeado" is a special dish in which red snapper is grilled on mangrove firewood, marinated with a soy and lime sauce, and garnished with slices of red pepper, onion, and oranges. In a similar fashion, grilled fish is very popular due to the fact that it is so easy to prepare. The most commonly used fish are grouper, dorado, and red snapper. Normally they are topped with a marinade to give them a spicy taste. Other highlights on the seafood restaurant menus include shrimp cocktails and ceviche.



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