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Shopping in Cordoba, Argentina: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Cordoba, Argentina

Shopaholics will find everything they're looking for in the beautiful historic city of Cordoba. This metropolis offers accessible prices in an urban center surrounded by countryside. Although the area contains famous, exclusive commercial areas, such as Cerro de las Rosas (Hill of Roses), other areas stand out as popular eclectic areas, like downtown's pedestrian streets, a series of roads traversed daily by locals and visitors shopping in the diverse stores.

For those who prefer shopping malls, you'll come across modern options within the city, while fashionistas can find the latest in clothing and accessories throughout the various shops in the area known as Nueva Cordoba.

Patio Olmos

Shopping in Cordoba, Argentina

Patio Olmos is a shopping mall situated in the Centro Historico (Downtown's Historic Center), offering diverse shopping and entertainment options for the hundreds of students who visit this area every day. Besides its beautiful architecture, Patio Olmos has become a city landmark due to its location in the heart of Cordoba. It has more than 150 stores and a movie theater.

Nuevocentro Shopping

Shopping in Cordoba, Argentina

Not far from downtown and with easy access to Avenida Duarte Quiros, Nuevocentro Shopping is a modern and eye-catching mall with a wide variety of stores and boutiques selling national and international brands. The mall has a spacious food court and a large number of services, along with a supermarket and a movie theater, not to mention its diverse boutiques selling apparel, shoes and accessories. Foreign visitors can receive tax refunds when they buy certain Argentine products, along with enjoying other promotions.

Córdoba Shopping Center

Shopping in Cordoba, Argentina

In the northeastern part of the city, within a picturesque residential area called Villa Cabrera, Cordoba Shopping Center offers an extensive variety of options for dining, recreation and spending a pleasant day shopping in Cordoba. It has a food court, movie theaters and an excellent selection of boutiques and specialty stores.

Dinosaurio Mall

Shopping in Cordoba, Argentina

Dinosaurio Mall has two locations, one on Avenida Rodriguez del Busto in one of northern Cordoba's most exclusive areas, and another on Avenida Fuerza Aerea Argentina in the southeastern part of the city. With various entertainment and shopping options, the northern Dinosaurio Mall offers more than 90 specialized stores, a world-class dining area, a full service spa, a multiplex with 3D theaters, an ice skating rink, a supermarket, and even a convention center.

Shopping in Cordoba, Argentina

The Dinosaurio Mall situated in southern Cordoba is a cozier space, ideal for a family outing. It has a wide selection of stores, including shoes, entertainment, restaurants, apparel, jewelry, technology, gifts and department stores, along with a unique cultural area.

Paseo de las Artes

Shopping in Cordoba, Argentina

Paseo de las Artes, situated on Avenida Achaval Rodriguez, is a space filled with traditional artisanry, art and local cuisine, located not too far from downtown. Dozens of artisans set up shop on this avenue on weekends and holidays, displaying a multitude of pieces. Outdoor shows are frequently presented, and an afternoon walk can be perfectly complemented with typical snacks and sweets that are sold throughout the area.

Paseo Rivera Indarte

Shopping in Cordoba, Argentina

Located in the far north of Cordoba, on Avenida Ricardo Rojas, Paseo Rivera Indarte is known as the first "lifestyle center" in Cordoba. This new and modern shopping center features outdoor spaces, lush surroundings, beautiful garden areas, movie theaters, restaurants, and a relaxed atmosphere for shopping and enjoying exclusive services spread out in more than 90 locals.

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